Jeff and Becca in thier hotel plaza in Maui - CLICK FOR A LARGER IMAGE

Jeff Arrington

I'm currently a 2nd year graduate student in the Department of Computer and Information Sciences at East Tennessee State University. I received my Bachelor of Science Degree from ETSU in the summer of 2005. Here are a few of the things I am interested in or just enjoy getting involved with:

  • Any Type of Programming
  • Microsoft Technologies
  • Embedded Systems
  • Home Automation
  • Video Processing
  • Photography
  • Public Speaking
  • Embedded XP Programming
  • Web Development
  • Macromedia Products
  • Adobe CS2 Products
  • Hunting, Fishing, Camping... anything outdoors
  • Off Road'n in his Jeep Wrangler
  • Sports.... especially Basketball and Football
  • Getting to work with others
  • Oh and he likes to play pool too

I'm married to Rebecca Arrington, whom you can see in some of the pictures on the sidebar, and I love every opportunity to just hang out, not be so nerdy, and be with her!!

I also enjoy taking photos with my Canon 8 Rebel XLR Digital Camera.

I enjoy working with anyone who is willing to put up with me. I also love a challenge... it's a must have at work or play!!!

I finally joined the Myspace craze. Find my profile at I'm also on facebook, just look me up by my name.

I enjoy participating in competitions like Microsoft's Imagine Cup Competition. Click here to read an article published by ETSU about my team before we went to Redmond for the national competition.

After all the judging was complete, we place 3rd in the United States!!! You can read more about the 2006 results in Microsoft's article by clicking here.

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