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Daily Narrative from the Belize Mission Group

Date and Time Posted: Saturday March 16, 2013 - 11:09:08 pm

As a team, we have come so far this week. We started out with a few who knew one another. Tomorrow, we will leave, with each other in our hearts for ever. Each person has done a dynamic job, far exceeded their own expectations, and been blessed beyond measure. We will return anew, full of His spirit, full of love for a nation of wonderful people. Tonight, as I reflect upon this week and our experiences, I think back to many bibical stories/verses. I recall the good Samaritan who chose to stop and help a man in need. Each UVA-Wise student chose to leave the states and Springbreak to go forth and help others in a 3rd world country. They could have, easily, stayed home or gone for a week of pleasure with friends/family. Yet, they came here to Belize and gave of themselves. I have seen growth in each one of them. No complaints, just willingness to learn and serve. I think of the poor who have so much less than we do, yet, they are so much happier and so willing to serve/praise God. I think of the verses that talk of loving your neighbor and of giving without grudge or of necessity. This has been seen in, both, the team members and people of Belize. We have been accepted, loved, trusted, and treated as one of their own. No greater joy have I felt than to serve amongst our team members, year afer year, in Belize. Today, started with another wonderful breakfast. After breakfast, we took off for a day filled with fun, laughter, and amazing sites. Estuardo chauffered us around, taking us, first to Xunantanich (The Stone Lady). This is a Mayan Ruin that is absolutely awe inspiring. To see and know the history of the Maya culture, it is amazing to see the results of their hard work. I'm sure you will hear lots about this adventure, as well as, see many precious photos. We shopped along the river at an open street market. Lunch was served for us at 'The Golden Corral.' No, not one as such as we have in the USA...lol...We were treated with one of our waiters climbing a coconut tree to retrieve some coconuts for us. He used a machete to cut a hole in the top of them and allowed each one of us to taste the coconut water. As well as, he cut some in two halves so that we may taste fresh coconut. Then, it was time for 'Western Dairies' ice cream. Man oh man, what a treat. We, also, shoppe at the local Amish Farmers store, aka, the "Belizean Walmart." And, guess what, more shopping at my fave gift shop, The Art Box. This is such a neat and unique shop. The bathrooms are, even, unique. Tonight has been a chillaxin' time for all of us. Some of our team chose to visit Katarina's church for a Youth Service. While others chose to relax, wash clothes, and pack for our trip home. The joy of learning has been for everyone. The UVA-Wise students, even, got Dr Suhail Shamiyeh involved in a game of UNO. They had to treat him to a lesson of learning...lol...It has been a joy to watch our team interact, no matter the education knowledge or level of training. Each person has a unique quality and many talents that have benefitted us all, especially here in Belize. This is a bitter sweet night. For, tommorrow, we will part ways but never part friends. God is good. We are blessed. Living and serving in Belize, we have grown closer to one another, made new friends, met old friends, and will walk away forever touched.

Posted By:Renee

Date and Time Posted: Friday March 15, 2013 - 9:52:21 pm

I am in awe of what our week has consisted of, what we have seen/heard/felt, and what blessings we have received. As Harold said this morning, I came to Belize hoping to bless someone and have been blessed by these wonderful people. To know and be known is not what it's about. It's about being the hands and feet of Jesus, walking amongst the least of these to find that they have such riches as love/hope/peace/joy, not even knowing they are poor. We started out the day as most others, enjoying a good breakfast. Our, whole, team packed the bus with medical supplies, medications, exam tables, chairs, snacks, and toys to use in our remote medical clinic. Estuardo drove us to Santa Elena along the main highway. Santa Elena is just a, very, short distance from San Ignacio. Sarah, a resident of the village,along with the women and her church set up the clinic. This was a wonderful experience and great opportunity. We saw 88 patients, multiple complaints and medical needs. We witnessed God at work, sending people with needs to us. We were told that this village, though along the main highway and near San Ignacio, has never had a medical team or remote clinic sent there. Tauna Gulley saw several pediatric patients, along with, adults. Erra Sutherland had a light day, but, examined and treated several women. And, Dr Shamiyeh saw many that had new diagnoses and/or need for continued treatment on medications. There was opportunities for our senior nursing students, Rachel Endicott and Rachel Kessler, got to experience assessing and treating minor patients. As well as, Beth Johnson RN and Alex Easter NCEMT-P/NRP, examined and treated several patients, as well. We were so blessed to be allowed to visit/treat/serve in Santa Elena. Most of our patients that we have seen have had diabetes, hypertension, arthritis, gallbladder disease, pregnancy, women's disorders, URI's, UTI's, worms, pterygium, and skin disorders (fungal, parasites, contact dermatitis). Many great opportunities have been given to us to learn, to serve, to offer hope, and to see God's hands in motion. What a mighty God we serve! Words can not describe what joy I have felt in my heart. And, I know if I have felt this, there are others in our team that are as full of God's love and blessings as I. I must share the experience of feeling God's blessings. Today, as we prayed after clinic and each night of church service, when we have prayed I have been filled with His spirit and love. My heart feels that it might explode from all the love I have felt. When we leave here, we will take a part of Belize with us. We will come home to you, our family, and share with you pictures/souvenirs and have much to tell you. But, we will not be able to fully express what we have seen/felt/heard. We have shared, we have served, we have changed. God is good. We are blessed. From Belize to the states, we send our love and seek His guidance in our lives. May we stay in the shadow of the Son.

Posted By:Renee

Date and Time Posted: Friday March 15, 2013 - 1:39:43 am

Another great day in the Lord, here, Belize. After a breakfast of sausage, french toast, and fresh papaya...the clinic started out busy. A fast pace, all around. Another small group went to the schools to do more measurements, today. And, a Village feeding was done by several of our team this afternoon. They were blessed to go to Armenia. Many people were served rice/beans, given witness to, and prayed for. What great blessings we have received this week. And, wow oh wow! What a revival service we have had. Brother Layton has brought forth God's Word and touched many. It is such an amazing blessing to share in worship service with another culture, another church of God. We have witnessed true worship, unashamed to stand, shout, sing, dance, raise hands in praise, pray openly...all for the glory of God. There are no language barriers in worship. I believe, with all my heart, that He knows our languages as one. To bring 2 totally different cultures together, with great appreciation/thankfulness for one another, is to know/feel the presence of the Holy Spirit in your heart. If you didn't feel/see the spirit of God working in His house tonight, then, something was wrong in your heart. Wow oh WoW, what a mighty God we serve. Tomorrow, we plan to leave at 08:00 am for a remote village visit to treat and care for the citizens of Santa Elaina. We have been told that there is a possibility of seeing at least 200 pacients. Please keep us in your prayers that we will be the hands and feet of Jesus, that He will give us compassion in our hands/heart as we serve the people of Belize, and that we give and offer peace/hope/joy/love to all whom we have the chance to meet. Thank you and may you be blessed beyond measure. Blessings in Belize, expecting great things to come...

Posted By:Renee

Date and Time Posted: Thursday March 14, 2013 - 9:59:25 am

Wednesday, Day 5...Wednesday morning started out with some rain, then overcast skies for the most of the day. It may have started out wet, but, it has still been warm and beautiful. It's funny how this is warm for all of us from the states, but, all the residents of Belize are cold. 65 - 70 degrees weather is Spring time for us, but, very cool for them. We split up, again, for the day. Several of our team stayed in the clinic while we had a team for the schools, morning and afternoon. As well as, a team for village feedings that went to Arizona. Dr Shamiyeh and Erra, WNP had the opportunity to tag along. While, there, in Arizona; they got the opportunity to examine/treat some patients. It seems that this year is a year of cold/cough/allergies. We had Solar Dermatitis, rice in the ear of a deaf child, headlice, scabies, pregnancy, women's issues, chest pain, healing burns to infants hands, and many more. The clinic is a happening place. We had some down time, so, the students were privileged to sit with Dr Shamiyeh and learn from him. It is such a blessing, that, while here, we do not have a status. No financial status or level of training that differentiates us when we converse, learn, visit, or worship. We are missionaries, a team that serves others. What a blessing. Of course, our meals are delicious as always. There are many wonderful opportunities to serve, to see and learn how blessed we are in the states, and to visit sites in Belize. The housing we see in the villages vary from shacks with dirt floors/cement floors to wood frame or concrete/block buildings. Most do not have electricity, doors/windows may be open or without closure. Until you walk alongside another, you have no idea what others live in. And, then, we have no idea what they may live through. Our revival services are filled with the Holy Spirit. Brother Layton has been stepping on our toes, speaking God's divine Word, and God has been overflowing our cups with His blessings. It is humbling to feel, hear, and see God in the midst of Belize; our languages may be different. But, His Spirit flows through us all in a mighty way. I have so filled with hearing praying/praising of our Lord in multiple languages at our services. It makes you want to shout, dance, clap, sing, jump...Whew! What a Mighty God we serve!!! And, of course, we were blessed with the Reyes families sing. The musicians are extremely talented. And, Dr Smiddy blew us away with Amazing Grace on the trumpet. Lord, we pray, You continue to bless and fill our hearts with love, compassion, and hope for the world. Blessings from Belize to you, our family/friends in the states. Continue to keep us in your prayers.

Posted By:Renee

Date and Time Posted: Tuesday March 12, 2013 - 8:26:22 pm

What a wonderful day of blessings we have received, today. This morning we awoke to the wonderful sound and songs of the birds in our village. What a glorious sound. In the clinic, we saw and treated approximately 43 patients. With several patients needing women's health, upper respiratory treatment, skin disorders, and etc. Some of our team stayed in the clinic while others traveled to the high schools to measure students for their school uniforms/assist with letters to sponsors, and the third team went to a New Valley village to handout beans/rice. From the sounds and looks of everyone's faces/conversations, today, there were many blessings received. There is no way for me to express in words the joys and blessings of serving for our team. Each one of us will come away refreshed and renewed with much to share with you, our family and friends. We had some extra time to relax this evening before we have our first night of our Crusade. So, a small group of us went to the 'Mall' in Belmopan. This is a nice, large grocery store that serves many different tastes in food/spices/drinks. Tonight, for dinner, Yvette fixed a delicious meal of stewed pork, pork rue, curry rice, salad, and chocolate cake. And, she fixed a special treat...lol...for our team to try, conch and iguana with iguana eggs. I know many tried, but, not sure what all thought of this delicacy. Now, on to start our first night of crusade in Camelote at their church. Keep us in your prayers. We love serving others, here in Belize. Blessings from Belize.

Posted By:Renee

Date and Time Posted: Monday March 11, 2013 - 9:46:33 pm

Today, has been another day in the Lord, here in Belize. We have been in the clinic seeing patients. Approximately 80 patients were seen, today. It was a holiday, so, we saw several pediatric patients. Erra, again, was very busy with Women's Health. Students, along with all others, have jumped in any assignment/job that was needed. It has been hot and humid with our patients and family sitting outside under the shade/tent awaiting their turn. Pregnancy, Diabetes, Hypertension, Common Cold, Allergies, Women's Health issues, pediatric illnesses, eye irritation Pterygium, and many other complaints were seen here. What a blessing to serve others that have much greater needs than we. Vendors were here, along the fence, with handmade baskets, trinkets, jewelry, slate, purses, and many more items. It is, great, to purchase souvenirs from the village vendors. By purchasing these items, we are supporting families with the means to support themselves and their families. Beans and Rice night...our team purchased beans and rice. We have bagged these so that we may visit villages and "go on a feeding" to supply families with much needed nutrition. Devotions will be at 9:00, Belize time. And, we will be blessed with Olivia bringing them. Continue to keep our team in prayer as we serve God while serving others in Belize.

Posted By:Renee

Date and Time Posted: Monday March 11, 2013 - 9:54:22 am

Day 2 We started out with another wonderful meal, of course. Sunday morning, we traveled via bus, to another village Camelote. Our service was held in an all Spanish speaking church. Yes, there is a language barrier. But, the Holy Spirit is the same no matter the language, country, or financial status. God is amazing. We went to church in an open church with the parrot outside the window. What a joy and blessing to serve God so openly. Lunch was served and we could rest and have a free afternoon to relax. Though, we did open the clinic and see some patients. Two of which were 7 months pregnant and in preterm labor. One was encouraged to go to the hospital and we took our other patient to the hospital. Please pray for each of these women. Newborn and neonate mortality is at an all time high here in Belize. Our first pregnant patient ended up being admitted with pre-term labor. Boy, Erra, our Women's Health NP has her job cut out for her this week...lol...With a few patient's seen in the clinic we have gotten set up for this week of serving. During the worship service at church, we noticed our longtime friend, holding her pregnant belly and rubbing it. As she got up to walk a few of us follewed her, thankfully. She ended up in labor, dilated 2 cm, and Belmopan hospital transferred to Belize City for prenatal care. Church service was held at Faith Baptist on our compound, last night. After church service, we held a very special service (near and dear to my heart)...'The Blessings of the Hands." I will try to get more pictures posted. We have had some technical difficulties getting on this website and getting our blogs/pics posted. I, do, apologize. There will be more to come later. Now, we are headed off for our first full day of clinic. Blessings from Belize...

Posted By:Renee

Date and Time Posted: Saturday March 9, 2013 - 8:55:42 pm

We are here in beautiful, sunny Belize. This morning started out bright and early with most of us arriving at Tri Cities Regional Airport around 3:30 - 4:00 am. Twenty five team members met and flew to Charlotte, NC and 3 more team members that flew in to Belize and met us here. We arrived around 12:25 pm, Belize time. So, remember, we are an hour behind all of you. I know that we are going to be blessed by serving others. This will be an amazing week. We stopped at Cheers and enjoyed a wonderful lunch and the beautiful sites/animals. From there we drove on to Roaring Creek Cayo District. This is where we will make our home this week, treat the sick/injured, hear God's Word, spread God's Love, and meet/make friends. As a matter of fact, God is already working. We had a very young patient come to the clinic for a re-check on a very bad wound that happened 17 days ago. We have sent this child, his parents, Carlos and Beth, with Dave and Verna to the hospital in Belmopan. Please pray for this child. He has a very, very injured foot that could, potentially, be extremely harmful and debilitating to him. Dinner was served by none other than Yvette, our Master Chef. She did an awesome job, as always. Tonight we were served chicken or pork nachos with cheese, salsa, peppers, and cookies for dessert. Yum Yum!!! We will close with a night of rest and relaxation. Tomorrow, we begin with church at Faith Baptist Church on our compound. Possibly, we will see a few patients after lunch, and a Blessing of the Hands service tomorrow night. Keep us in your prayers as we serve others while serving God, here, in Belize. Check back tomorrow for more blessings and blogs. God Bless.

Posted By:Renee Easter

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