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Daily Narrative from the Belize Mission Group

Date and Time Posted: Friday April 24, 2009 - 9:39:16 am

So long for now Belize. We will see you again. Everyone has enjoyed the experience here.

Posted By:Mike Cook

Date and Time Posted: Thursday April 23, 2009 - 9:48:07 pm

Well the big day has come and almost gone. The last day is coming to a close. Everyone was up early this morning to a fine breakfast of French toast, sausage, and fruit. As soon as breakfast was finished the whole group including Joel and Estuardo headed off to tour the Lamanai Ruins. To get to the ruins we enjoyed a two hour boat tour up the New River encountering spider monkeys, several iguanas, Jesus birds, Northern Jacana birds, bats, King Fisher birds, and Snail Kite birds. Also of interest were the rum distillery, a rehab center which was ironically located next to the distillery, several tress including log wood and the provision tree. We arrived at Lamanai and stopped to have a lunch which was prepared by the boat tour company. We then proceeded to take a tour of the ruins and climbed the High Temple which was dedicated to the Rain God. We had a wonderful tour guide named Eric that was very well educated on the history of Lamanai. The tour ended with a bit of shopping at the gift shops and just over an hour boat ride back to the dock. On the way back got to see a 5-6 foot black crocodile. We returned to the Uriah compound around 5 pm and cleaned up the clinic and began to pack. We had nice time during a chance for leisurely visit with time to reflect on our adventures here in Belize. It’s almost time for Liz to speak on Parrish nursing. We are signing off for the last time from this mission trip in Belize. Pray for traveling mercy for our trip home. Thanks for everyone’s support and prayer. This mission has been of great success. Our dearest thanks go to Joel and Damaris Richardson, Evette, Margarrita, and Body and Soul Ministry. Goodnight.

Posted By:Mike Cook and Chris Alexander

Date and Time Posted: Wednesday April 22, 2009 - 11:31:54 pm

Day five began with a traditional up home breakfast of biscuits and gravy with scrambled eggs. Every one was refreshed and ready for a new day. During the cooler part of the morning there was a rush at the clinic and things started to calm by lunch. Today we continued to see cases of elevated carbon monoxide, many cases of a skin fungus called tinea capitis, dental issues and scabies. After a lunch of nachos with all the trimming Jay, Charma, Chris, Mike, Jerry, Shareif, Damaris, and Frank went out on an outreach mission to the “Village of Peace” while the clinic was slower to distribute to the needy. During the time away Joe, Sarah, and Liz attended to the clinic. We had 88 cases presented to the clinic today. The total for the end of this mission trip is 377 cases in 3 ½ days of operating the clinic. Having the two teams back-to-back has proven very successful. We estimate 80% of the cases we have seen were pediatric patients which meet our target for this mission. The preliminary work by the UVA Wise team was major contribution to the success of this trip, thanks so much UVA. The clinic closed today about 5:30 followed by a great dinner of beef stew. After dinner we had church service and now everyone is winding down for some much needed rest. Tomorrow we are going to be up bright and early for a visit the Lamani Mayan ruins which is hundreds of years old. Thanks for all your messages God bless and goodnight.

Posted By:Mike Cook and Chris Alexander

Date and Time Posted: Wednesday April 22, 2009 - 9:28:56 am

In addition to the posting for Tuesday, I need to add more information about the interview with Plus TV. During the interview with Frank, he explained the history and development of the Uriah Compound and Body and Soul ministry. Frank explained how Ralph and Penny Digman came to Belize on a mission trip and when they returned home God began dealing with both of them separately. One of them finally told the other that God is dealing with me to start a mission in Belize and the other one said He is dealing with me as well. They sold everything they owned, and moved to Roaring Creek, Belize. Ralph finally grew tired of Ms. Penny working on patients at the kitchen table and they began to work toward opening a clinic for her. The property where Uriah Compound is now located was donated by the village chief and development began. The clinic was built first and followed by the Faith Baptist church. The next development was the bath house followed by the dinning hall, the well, the cabanas, and the lodge. Now all of Belize should know about the ministry that is attending to both “Body and Soul” in the village of Roaring Creek. ALL IS WELL here in Belize as another day begins and we hope to touch many lives today.

Posted By:Mike Cook

Date and Time Posted: Wednesday April 22, 2009 - 12:19:50 am

Hello again from the Belize pediatric team. Day three of the clinic was another great success. We had approximately 120 patients today. A variety of illnesses were seen including New Castle disease, a viral infection of chickens and turkeys causing cough and conjunctivitis “eye infection” that is of epidemic proportion in some villages. Treatment in part was instruction to “keep the chickens in the coop.” Also included in today’s diagnoses are Bell’s palsy, a dog bite, cerebral palsy, mental retardation, a child with a weak leg and delayed walking. Other cases include a child that did not breathe well at birth and is still not talking at age two. The Christian TV network, “Plus TV” heard about what we are doing through the advertisement on the national radio. During the unexpected visit both Dr. Joe Smiddy and Frank Waldo were interviewed. Dr. Smiddy was asked, “Why do you come to Belize?” He responded, “I’ve done missions in America, India, and Peru and have come within a few feet of God. In Belize, God has his hand on my shoulder.” Frank was asked the same question and responded by saying, “We are ministering in the name of Jesus Christ to the “Body and Soul.” During a quiet period in the afternoon, the team split in to two groups with one group managing the clinic while the other group took a short trip to Belmopan. The groups rotated allowing every one interested a chance to visit the capital city. Once again Evette and Margaritta provided us with excellent food today. Special thanks is posted to the UVA Wise team. We have seen several of the patients that you scheduled for follow up visit during your mission. A particular interest to you is the patient with a suspected hole in her heart came back to the clinic today. GOOD NEWS. The examination by the pediatrician “Dr. Joe Ley” shows no serious problem. We are enjoying the post from those of you who are at home. Continue to keeps us in your prayers and the comments coming. God bless and goodnight.

Posted By:Mike Cook and Chris Alexander

Date and Time Posted: Monday April 20, 2009 - 11:44:06 pm

We started the day off with another wonderful breakfast prepared be Evette and Margarit. We enjoyed scrambled eggs with bacon, toast, fresh pineapple, and papaya. Before we finished breakfast, patients were lining up at the clinic. The pace at the clinic was furious throughout the morning. Joel and Damaris headed off to the airport to try and recover the medications and medical supplies that were held up by customs upon our arrival. After an eventful day in Belize City that must have felt like a dog chasing its tail, and thanks to the grace of God they returned with the medications and supplies before dinner. Meanwhile we continued to see patients with an approximated total of 160-175 patients. The outreach of the clinic has been stretched. Today there was a family from Punta Gorda, a village 6-7 hours to the south. The family began their journey to us by public transportation yesterday to be seen today. A few examples of the illnesses that were treated today included a patient with a hemoglobin of 1.7, infected wounds, sever impetigo, probable set of twins, and in a family the mother and youngest child had a significantly elevated carbon monoxide levels. We also saw Jerome Young who is desperately in need of replacement of two heart valves. Eight days ago he had a heart attack and spent two days in the hospital. Keep Jerome in your prayers. Dinner was great as usual. Everyone is exhausted and ready for some rest. Keep us all in your prayers.

Posted By:Mike Cook and Chris Alexander

Date and Time Posted: Sunday April 19, 2009 - 11:17:49 pm

We started the day off bright and early after a long day yesterday. We had a wonderful breakfast fried jack, beans, bacon, eggs with pepper and onions, pineapple, and watermelon. We had church service this morning, Sunday school format. Pastor Delbert Rhayburn ministered on the life of Joseph. After church, we had burritos for lunch. Around 1:00 we opened the clinic to start seeing patients. During the afternoon 25 patients were treated by Dr.Smiddy, Dr. Ley, Drs. Sara and Shareif Yousseff including 16 children. A variety of conditions were seen including asthma, diabetes, scabies, possible staph infection, warts, and several with cough and fever. At 3:00 a small group including Charma Crowe, Jay Barb, Jerry Greene, Chris Alexander, Joel Richardson, Mike Cook, and Windal Hyde of Roaring Creek went out in the Arizona/Tea Kettle Village to distribute the much appreciated rice and beans. There were a lot of happy faces and some potential patients for the pediatric clinic were identified. While in the village we paid a visit to Jaylee and family, the miracle from last years mission trip. It is great to see how well she has recovered. We had an evening church service with Joel and Damaris leading praise, Dr. Joe Smiddy singing, and Frank Waldo ministering the word of God. The pediatric mission has been announced on the nation radio station here in Belize. We are expecting a large turn-out of patients starting tomorrow. Over all we have had a great beginning to this mission trip and have had a life changing enlightenment into the circumstance of a less privileged country. Keep us all in your prayers and God bless from Belize!

Posted By:Mike Cook and Chris Alexander

Date and Time Posted: Saturday April 18, 2009 - 9:26:10 pm

We have arrived. We reached the Uriah Compound this afternoon around 5:00 PM the pilot decreased altitude and got a better ride. We all enjoyed a great lunch/supper at Cheers. Arrived at the compound and set to work organizing the clinic to begin seeing patients. Had an interesting time in the arrival. Customs officials held all our cases of medication and supplies. We hope to recover everything on Monday. Jerry Green is the new candy man in the village. He, Mike Cook, Dr. Joe Ley and Charma Crowe walked around in the Roaring Creek village taking pictures and Jerry and handed out candy to the children. Needless to say, Jerry was a hit. Damaris said we made the national radio network announcing our arrival. We are expecting a huge turnout as a result. Jay Barb repaired the EKG machine which is a real blessing. Pray for us as we enter into this Mission Work for God.

Posted By:Mike Cook

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