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Messages from the Belize Mission Group

Date and Time Posted: 2006-06-15 10:59:29

To Will from the Mission Team:

We have decided to schedule the meeting for Sunday night July 2nd. We all will be meeting that night anyway due to our 4th of July celebration. Instead of having a speaking minister, we will let the mission team be our program. Is that ok with you? This will also give us time to conduct our VBS.

Posted By:Layton Bentley

Date and Time Posted: 2006-06-13 12:40:22

hey everybody just wanted to say that i love you all and i ish you could see how loving everyone is- they are spiritually beautiful people!! God is really moving!! thankyou for the prayers! lydia-love ya girl, you should be here. tell the youth group that i miss them but ive got some new sisters and brothers now and that there are beetles the size of cookies every two feet in the grass and tarantula holes are quite common, but it is the best trip ive ever had. including comparison to the cruise. gotta go paint, love you all- especially mom dad and mamaw... tt4n

Posted By:caitlin cherry

Date and Time Posted: 2006-06-12 20:54:35

Dad, I am so happy you are all there and safe. I have been praying for you all and for many souls to come to Christ. Dad, you are a blessing to me...and I am sure you will be blessed while in Beliz,as well as blessings others. Let your love of the Lord shine through!!!!! Your Favorite Daughter, Penny Love YA Bunches!!

Posted By:Penny Dail

Date and Time Posted: 2006-06-12 20:35:14

This message is for Whitney, Israel, and boys!! You have no idea what an experience this trip has been for us already. We have seen so many new things. Did you guys see the giant tarantula? I mean listen...these things are in our front yard here. It is so scary. It really meant so much for us to hear from you guys! Of course..Kev cried!! hahaha! We read messages from home every night out loud. Tell the boys we said HI and that we love them! We love you guys too, and hope to hear back from you! Chow from Belize!

Posted By:Kevin and Tiffany Wheeler

Date and Time Posted: 2006-06-12 00:38:10

hey everyone back home, god is truly moving in this place beyond anyone of us can explain!! we all realize how truly blessed we are in the u.s.a my life has forever been changed in only two days time. please remember all of us in prayer and we will remember you!! i love you sherry and miss you very very much!!! tell sam ficher isaid bo tennessee!! lol i love you all and p.s. the first time flying was awesome!! i could just see jesus stepping out on one of those clouds,it was the most beautiful thing i have ever seen!! bye for now

Posted By:vance egan

Date and Time Posted: 2006-06-11 20:31:29

Hello from Belize!!!!

Posted By:Rosita from Roaring Creek Vill

Date and Time Posted: 2006-06-11 20:30:21

This goes out to Sam Fischer from Vance:

Boo Tennesee

Posted By:Vance

Date and Time Posted: 2006-06-11 19:20:26

Gerald and Allie:

Please turn on your cell phone :-) Love ya!!!!

Posted By:Joe and Cathy

Date and Time Posted: 2006-06-11 16:42:20

Praise the Lord! I'm enjoying this journey to belize, not the heat, though but oh well. Becky, I love you and miss you. There's much to do here, and lots more to see. To all Community churches keep us in your prayers that lots of souls are saved for the kingdom. In his service!

Posted By:David Perkins

Date and Time Posted: 2006-06-11 10:43:43

To Linda, Donna, Billie Sue, and Jeff:

I've arrived safely and am having a wonderful in the Lord. I ask that you continue to pray for me here in Belize. From you're dad with all his Love and Prayers.

Posted By:Bill Powers

Date and Time Posted: 2006-06-11 10:00:59

To all the churches from all the pastors:

Everything here is a true blessing to each and everyone of us. It is a wonderful experience to be here representing each of us for the Lord!! We've only been here one day and there is already so much to tell. You are all in our thoughts and prayers!! We know the Lord is going to use this mission to spread the gospel of our Lord to the wonderful people here in Belize!!

God bless you all!!! We love you!!

Posted By:All the pastors

Date and Time Posted: 2006-06-10 20:41:31

Just wanted to say Hello to all the family and friends! (HEY BUB, WE LOVE AND MISS YOU SO MUCH!!) Wanted to let you know we had a fabulous trip down and are excited to see what the Lord has in store for us. REMEMBER to keep us in your prayers and we will see you soon! Love and God Bless!

Posted By:Kevin and Tiffany Wheeler

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