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Daily Narrative from the Belize Mission Group

Date and Time Posted: 2006-06-18 23:07:54

I'm not sure if anyone will be checking back or not, but I feel the need for at least one last post.

I hope this message serves as an appropriate closing narrative to the first of many trips Uriah. Let me start by saying that I will get the newest pictures updated as soon as possible. I'm having some PC problems here in Hiltons, so it will probably be some time Monday before they will get updated.

So where do I start for the narrative? ....

Let's start with Friday 6/16

The day started out again with finishing touches on the bath house. Breakfast was fantastic as always. Shortly after breakfast, we were off to the Mayan ruins at Xanantunich (stone lady when translated). It was about a 45 minute ride to the ruins; passing small roads all along the way. Upon arriving at the Belmopan River crossing, there were several little shops where we had the first chance to be in a 'shopping center' Belize style. All sorts of hand crafted goods. Baskets, carvings, and hand made jewelry just to mention a few. Oh, and this 'shopping center' consisted of nothing more than what we might call a road side flea market here but with only 5 or 6 stands. This was the first place that we got a close up look at a HUGE iguana. It was really cool. After a few minutes of shopping, we made our way down to the river where we were blessed with the Baptism of Robert!!! What a blessing that was. Be sure to check those pictures when they get added. Layton and Frank baptised him in the Belmopan river which by the way does have crocodiles!!! But what an experience and blessing that was for us all. The rain of course started before the baptism was even over which made for a wonderful setting for this river baptism. What a blessing!!!

After the baptism, we made our way to the ruins. What an experience, of course nothing compared to the children of Belize, but still very memorable. From the top of the ruins, you could see Guatamala City and the rain that was quickly closing in on us. The ruins were fantastic and it was a very interesting experience. There's not really a lot to say about them, you'll just have to see the pictures.

After getting back to Uriah, we had dinnerand then devotions and communion in the church. One could feel the sorrow in the church as we all knew that this was going to be our last night in Belize until next year. We were all allowed to share the blessing we had experienced during the week. That could have lasted another week :-) After devotions, it was time to pack.


The next morning, we were off to the airport and let me just say WOW!!! I never imagined so many things to check in Customs!!! That was an experience all its own. The mood was again somewhat sad because we all knew what we were leaving behind, but there was relief in the fact that we knew what we had started!!! I believe everyone was already preparing themselves for the next trip even as we were sitting in the airport, I know I was. Saying goodbye to Ralph, Rosita, and Brandon was sooooo tough!! I can't wait to see them all again!!!

The flight back went well and the layover in Charolette wasn't too bad either. USDA was good to experience again. Of course arriving at the Tri-City airport, we all anticipated the waiting faces of family and friends and what a blessing that was as well. It felt so good to be re-united with faces we had longed to see.

So with the trip now ended, the journey has just begun!!! Or at least that's how I see it. I feel that we've started something that I hope will continue the rest of my life!!! It was a truly life changing experience. Life long friends were made. People, places, and experiences that we'll never never forget have been added to our life. The faces of strangers have now became as memorable as family.

To all those that went on the trip let me say that you can call on me whenever and wherever you are and I'll be there to do what I can for any of you. I love you all and you have all changed my life forever. God bless you all and may we never forget what we experienced!!! I can't wait until our next trip to Belize!! I hope you all will be able to go again.

To all those that were here at home, I hope the site was able to make you feel closer to your loved ones that were so far away. I pray that you all could experience the blessing that we were so lucky to experience in Belize. We missed you all and thank you all so much for your prayers and messages that helped us feel your support for what we were doing. To God be the glory for it all!!!

I love you all!!! God Bless!!!!

Posted By:Jeff

Date and Time Posted: 2006-06-16 01:31:03

WOW!!!! What a day!!!! Where do I start? We started out the morning with eggs and fixins for breakfast, mmmmmm the cooking was awesome.... as always!!!!

Several of the pictures posted from today are not only from today but also from some of the past few days. I've cleared off some memory cards for some others on the team. I've added several of their pictures. ADDITIONALLY, I've posted some new pictures of the NEW REVEREND FRANK WALDO!!!!!! This was the surpriZe that was waiting to be told!!!! With Franks permission, we can let you all know now!!!! What an exciting time!!!! The pictures are from Frank's first worship service delivered here at Uriah in Belize!!!! All these exclamation points may look funny, but it was a fun filled day as well as the several past few days!!!!

SO NOW TO TODAY After breakfast the team finished up a divider in the bathhouse. It looks great; I've not got pictures of it yet, but I'll get'em as soon as possible. Soon thereafter, we were off to Franks Eddy; a little village on the other side of Belmopan. Several of todays pictres are also from today at the village (Note, several are also from yesterday at Buena Vista). What poor living conditions these children live in. It will break anyone down when they see such poverty. Children walking barefood in muddy water and dirty-rocky ground. So poor, but still yet so happy. How lucky we are and don't even realize it!!!

The pictures of Larry are with the other child that the church is sponsoring, I thought those of you in his parish would enjoy seeing this connection being made!!!

After getting back from the village, we had some wonderful meat pockets for lunch. Again, it was great food. After lunch, we went to the orphanage in Belmopan. The children were so joyed to see the puppet show!!!! What a blessing they were to us!!!! Being here is the greatest blessing there is, we are all growing sooooo much in the Lord and I just wish you could all experience the blessing were are enjoying!!!

We finished up with dinner in Belmopan (not as good as the home cook'n here at Uriah!!!), but it was still a great joy to get some cold Coke!!! After dinner, we finished up the evening with church services in a local K'ekchi village (I hope I got that spelling correct). Lots of singing and wonderful children. We did find out just before services that

ROSITA IS STUDENT OF THE YEAR!!!! What a blessing she is!!!!

We just got back a little while ago and had a surprise celebration of Tiffany's and Kevin's anniversary!!! Kevin planned it, so it was really his surprise to Tiff.

I'm sitting here now on the front porch at Ralph's as devotion is being shared inside. With the frogs calling in the background and all the other wonderful sounds of the Belize Jungle, I cannot help but wish we were just arriving to share another wonderful week with God's children!!! I can't believe that tomorrow is Friday, it is sad to think that it is almost ending; but it is really less of an ending and truly a a start of a long and wonderful relationship between Darthula Baptist Church and all those churches represented in this team and the Uriah Compound here in Belize. What a great God we have to start such a dream!!! I hope you have all enjoyed this posting. I cannot wait to hear the replies about Frank's announcement to his calling to preach!!! Let the prayers and Messages begin!!!

May God bless you all and I'd just like to say again


Posted By:Jeff Arrington

Date and Time Posted: 2006-06-14 16:08:42

Hello everyone,

Sorry we weren't able to post up any more pictures last night. The storm we had knocked out the internet. I'll get the images from last night updated as soon as time allows this evening. I hope this post serves as an update of last night and today.

I'll pick up where Tiffany's post left off. We finished up the evening with service after some great chicken and vittles for dinner. Tiffany and Kevin blessed us with their beautiful singing and brothers Kevin, Jim, and Randall brought the message. There were two alter calls (those pictures are already online). We had one person that was saved!! There was another HUGE event, but we have to wait before we can share this message. It was a wonderful event!!! We'll let you all know as soon as the person lets their loved ones know!!! Don't worry, it is a great thing, but I thought I might add a little mystery to it :-)

Devotion followed the service. We finished up the evening by around 10:30ish. What a great day it was!!!!

We started out the morning shortly after 6:30. Layton and Gary have the Uriah sign ready to be put up!!!! The posts are in the ground and we're hoping to have the sign up by this afternoon. (side note: As I'm writing this, I'm having some flavor/aid with ICE!!! Let me said that cold never feld sooo good!!!) Joe, Randall, Larry, Jeffrey and several others finished up the sinks in the bath house as well. The women packed rice, beans, and toys until breakfast.

For breakfast, we had french toast, fruit, and sausage. It was great. Yvette (I hope I spelled that correctly) is our cook and what a wonderful cook she is!!!!After breakfast we finshed loading the food and toys for our visit to the village.

Now we're all setting around getting ready for lunch... sloppy Joes!!!! We just got back from Buena Vista. That is a little village about 20 miles away. We gave out some beans, rice, and toys to the children and parents. So many little huts with spaces between each board in the wall where rain is shure to pour through. The floors were of course dirt and several were muddy because of the rain. Most of the people spoke spanish primarily and very little if any english. We all got to practice our spanish. Well I can't wait on these sloppy joes anymore.... i've gotta run and eat now, but keep posted, I'll try to update you all with more news and pictures this evening!!! --Jeff

Posted By:Jeff Arrington

Date and Time Posted: 2006-06-13 16:13:58

It's amazing to see how the Lord is the same no matter where you are. It seems we are a million miles away and still the Lord is blessing us and answering prayers every day. The morning began with work (ladies painting and the men installing sinks), in order to avoid the heat wave that is so overwhelming here in Belize. After eating an unusual breakfast which included : fry jacks (a belizian specialty), refried beans, and jalapeno seasoned eggs, the men continued to work on the bath house while the women gathered in the learning center to separate the gifts we have to give the childern. What a blessing we recieved there...Hollis ( a little boy around this village) was telling us about Jonah. He knew everything about him and is was only 4 years old!! It really took everything I had to hold back the tears. No one can understand what we are seeing here unless you experience it yourself. It is truely a life-changing experience and I am truely thankful for that!

I would like to say just one more thing....to the family of Kaitlynn...you really have a jewel. I am telling you what a blessing she has been to everyone here, expecially me. I have never seen a more mature christian for her age as Kaitlynn. I just wanted to let you know you should be so proud of what she is doing here and what she stands for!

We are really excited about tomorrow...I believe we are going into the villages to distribute all of the toys, clothing, and food. Really pray for us, they say this will break your heart. Well I am finished with this narrative and I send out a big HELLO from all of us here in Belize!!!

Lots of love for everyone!!

Posted By:Tiffany Wheeler

Date and Time Posted: 2006-06-12 17:11:21

*Jeff asked me(caitlin cherry) to do this today*

Wow, it is so wonderful down here!!! Everything is beautiful and lovable, not including bugs and heat. I think sweating has become a constant thing for everyone.

Today's breakfast was cereal, and began early as usual. I'm pretty sure that as everyone woke up they looked for the flock of parrots that would fly over, or at least I did and Darlene and Jerry and Cathy and Joe did. No one spotted the birds. :(

Work began early as I said, and the ladies sanded and painted the bath house(green). Hannah Mullins nearly fell over when she looked down and saw a baby tarantula crawling across her bare foot! It is interesting to know that our high-tech sanding tools were broken up concrete cinderblocks, and after that the ladies (including myself) were feeling quite stronger, after rubbing down walls with cinderblock chunks. As we labored the men were at the hardware store getting bath house supplies.

After this we came back from the compound to HQ(Ralph's house) for a hot dog lunch. Elsie, a girl residing at Ralph's house, has started the hairstyling that is indigenous to the area. Simply put, this includes corn rows and tiny little braids.Hannah Mullins, Elsie, Tiffany Wheeler, Joe Taylor's beard(lol), myself, and soon to be Cathy Taylor and Rebecca Arrington have joined Elsie in her braids.

Tonight we have church and are giving out T-shirts to the kids after the puppet show. Mom--I think tomorrow night is flip-flop night so we should be giving out the ones we packed.

Last night during devotions Martha Watts' feet were swollen, and Penny Digman noticed. Without saying a word, Penny got up and got some lotion and began rubbing Martha's feet. I noticed and thought about what a simple, loving act that was. Rosita, a girl at Penny's house quietly got up and began rubbing the other swollen foot, her long hair hanging down to the side as she massaged. It was touching in a quiet way. Turns out, everyone noticed and it reminded almost everyone of Mary massaging Jesus' feet with precious oil and then drying it with her hair, although Rosita did not dry her feet with her hair.. It was a perfect example of just how loving these people are.

Posted By:caitlin cherry

Date and Time Posted: 2006-06-10 20:33:39

Here we are!!! Sitting here with Kevin and Tiffany blessing us with guitar and singing in Ralph's house in BELIZE!!!! What a blessing.... many tears of joy here!! We've made it all safe and sound. What a day; we've already moved into our sleeping quarters, caught a tarantula (Becca helped me on that spelling), saw their huge June bugs, saw some leaf cutter ants and much much more!!! It's just 6 o'clock and dinner time here. I wish you could all here us all singing, over 25 voices singing I'll fly away with an acoustic guitar is such a blessing!!!

Sherry, Vance sends all his love!!!!

Jacob, Daddy and Tif send their prayers!!!

We're having some trouble updating the pictures on the site, but check back soon. I'll keep trying until we can figure something out!!!

Sending our best from Belize, we love you all and send our prayers!!!!

--Jeff and the whole group

Posted By:Jeff Arrington

Date and Time Posted: 2006-06-10 07:47:31

Hey Everyone, I wanted to go ahead and put at least one message on here. We're in Charolette now waiting for our flight at 9:25 am. The flight went great from TRI to here. Vance said he loves flying!!! We're all looking soooo forward to getting to Belize. As long as we have some internet coverage in the compound, I'll update with another narrative. God bless and we'll talk to you all soon!!!! Love you guys!!! --Jeff

Posted By:Jeff Arrington

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