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Messages From Belize Team To Home

Date and Time Posted: Saturday June 23, 2007 - 9:44:14 pm

On Saturday we awoke for our final day in Belize. It indeed has been an experience that we will never forget. On reflecting, the Lord allowed this team to experience things that we will cherish for a long time. Seeing a poor Belizean lady rejoice over having some things that we take for granted every day was a reminder that will ever be forever etched in our memory. Experiencing God's saving grace on a street guy that had previously rejected that there even was a God to seeing a soldier boy bow his head and repeat the sinner's prayer reminded us that the purpose that Jesus came was to seek and to save those which are lost. He also said in Mark 10:46 he came not to be ministered unto but to minister. We were reminded that there is much physical need in Belize but the greatest need of all mankind is his need for a personal Saviour. We were privileged to see a lot of physical beauty in Belize but we were reminded that the greatest beauty is a God given smile from accepting the gift of eternal life along with an eternal inheritance of a place not made with hands having streets of pure gold! We were also privileged to work with some 20 teens that God sent our way and we were able to share God's goodness with them. From a preacher's son to a family invaded by witchcraft we were able to tell them that Jesus loved them by giving his life for them and wants to be with them each day by choosing them, teaching them, healing them and protecting them. It was indeed a blessing to be able to share God's word to these young people. The first week was spent by using our God given physical ability to help make things better here at Uriah and provide the foundation for future improvements along with handing out physical food to those in need. The second week was using our God given spiritual talents to witness and minister to teens who need to hear that living for the Lord has the greatest reward of all while trusting HIM to supply our needs along the way. We were also reminded that our physical life has a beginning and ending by experiencing a burial and a birth. There is a time to be born and a time to die but with Jesus in our heart it is just a happy exchange! It indeed was a joy to work with this team of eleven people that came from 7 different churches! Only heaven will reveal just how much eternal impact was made. We couldn't have been treated better by Ralph and Penny Digman and once again experienced the dedication that has been ongoing now for some 12 years by these two people. We also experienced the joy of working alongside the Belizean folks here and we saw their sweet smiles as they worshipped with us, fed us, hugged us, and shared with us many times of their appreciation for our coming. This ministry is alive and well and our hope is that future weeks of this nature will result in many lives changed for eternity. The team took a trip back to the elderly lady that touched our hearts this morning and gave her a foam mattress and some food. We met her 10 year old grandson and talked with him a short while. This afternoon the team visited the local zoo. The day ended with devotions by Larry Browder.

Posted By:Larry Browder

Date and Time Posted: Saturday June 23, 2007 - 4:20:36 pm

Amy, Thanks for the update from home. I am here at Uriah by myself right now just meditating and reflecting over the last two weeks. The others went to the zoo. I just wanted toi stay, relax and study. I appreciate your updates over the last two weeks and Lord willing we can reunite tomorrow night. I love you and the family dearly. Glad your mom got through her dental work ok. If you hear from the Bakers let me know. I am generally up till 12 your time. I would like to know if they made it safe. I may call Brenda after awhile. I will call when we get to Atlanta as well. Tell the girls Papaw said hello and I can't wait to see them-and everyone. Love from dad, Papaw and FIL.

Posted By:Larry Browder

Date and Time Posted: Friday June 22, 2007 - 11:02:51 pm

Rhonda, Thanks for thanking of us. Dwight and I would like to thank you for praying and thinking of us. It is 11PM on Friday night and one more day before heading home! It has been a wonderful trip in many ways but I must say I am ready to see Tennessee and my loved ones. We'll get together soon and share. Dwight and I both love you and thanks again for writing. We have not run across te people from Kingsport to my knowledge. We might see them at the airport.

Posted By:Larry Browder

Date and Time Posted: Thursday June 21, 2007 - 11:13:59 pm

Amy, Just got in here from going with Frank Waldo to take a boy home. I appreciate your note and update on things at home. Glad you all were able to get together at the house with your mom. And how about that Avery saying "mamaw" I would have liked to seen Brenda! Tomorrow we have plans to go west to see some Mayan ruins, a place where we went last year. Saturday we plan to go see the old lady that we went to earlier to say goodbye and go to the zoo. Kristy and her mom are here. In fact they were here this afternoon for supper. She is staying I think about 5 weeks but from what Ralph says the baby may not get to come to the states for as long as 6-7 months-depending on how long the process takes. She has already asked us to pray for the shortening of the time. Love from Dad, Papaw and FIL. Tell all I said hello and I love each one. Thanks for all your notes and prayers. Computers and wireless internet are wonderful!

Posted By:Larry Browder

Date and Time Posted: Thursday June 21, 2007 - 9:23:45 pm

Brenda, Just got your message. The Teen Week was good, we gave it our best. The apparent low response was due to several reasons we feel but with the number of people we had(as we talked before I left) the Lord knew we couldn't handle any more. We are planning a trip west tomorrow to the same place we went last year because some of the team haven't been there. Saturday morning we plan to go see the lady that we went to earlier in the week and tell her goodbye plus go to the zoo. We went yesterday to Belize City to see the guy that Frank and Ralph won to the Lord. It was indeed a pitiful sight but he had a smile like you wouldn't believe. He works out in the brawling hot sun all day then sleeps on cardboard laid on top of a freezer. I will see you Sunday night, Lord willing. I love you dearly and look forward to hugging you right good!

Posted By:Larrry Browder

Date and Time Posted: Thursday June 21, 2007 - 5:51:37 pm

Jerry, Sure glad to hear from you. Glad to hear that things have gone well with you since you got home. It is 3:45 here on Thursday and we have officially finished the Teen Week as we called it. As far as I know we did not have any salvation decisions but we feel that God spoke to hearts for a closer walk with HIM. We will be sightseeing tomorrow and part of the day Saturday and then head out Sunday about 9 AM. Hope to see you soon or at least at the scheduled mission meeting we are planning. I'll let you know. It was indeed a joy to work with you and I hope it is not the last. I love your servant heart and willingness to labor for the MASTER.

Posted By:Larry Browder

Date and Time Posted: Wednesday June 20, 2007 - 12:18:25 pm

Keech, Thanks for your note. I wondered if you had forgotten! This trip has been wonderful in many respects-been touched like never before! We are having a good week but conflicts with school has caused the attendance to be lower that we had expected. But God knew that long before we did and he knows what is needed. We are just trying to minister to any and all that God sends. Love from the team and hope to see you soon. Have you settled on any dates to have the meeting?

Posted By:Larry Browder

Date and Time Posted: Wednesday June 20, 2007 - 12:14:03 pm

Amy, I met the lady last night that adopted the baby. She was so excited. I told her that I would let you know. Lee would be proud-she had him dressed in Big Orange colors! Her mother had a sick spell last night and we had special prayer for her. I think Ralph said she was ok this morning. Love you and the whole family. Looking forward to seeing you all Sunday night. We tried to switch to Saturday but they wanted $100 per person and I said no way-even though they had 8 seats remaining. Give me an update when you can.

Posted By:Larry Browder

Date and Time Posted: Tuesday June 19, 2007 - 11:21:17 pm

Angie, Thanks for the update. The rain sounds wonderful and the report on your mom even better! I hope you all have a good vacation. Tell Mackenzie I will be thinking about him. Tell Michala to behave while on vacation. I will miss seeing you all when I return but will catch up later. Enjoy the family. It is be time here! I cannot get used to this time at all it seems. Love from dad and papaw.

Posted By:Larry Browder

Date and Time Posted: Tuesday June 19, 2007 - 10:41:40 pm

Brenda, Good to hear from you again. It is Tuesday night about 10:30 PM and we have just finished watching a part of a DVD on the Holy Land. Been a good day. We had one new one today. We are looking for more to show tomorrow. Glad you are doing ok and glad you are getting rain. It rained last night and today here. We plan to go to Belize City tomorrow after we are through mainly to see the fellow that was saved and to go to a T-shirt place. Glad you read about God allowing us to win one to the Lord. It was good! I miss you very much and look forward to Sunday night. Pray that the week will go well during the remainder of our stay. Love you. Goodnight!

Posted By:Larry Browder

Date and Time Posted: Tuesday June 19, 2007 - 8:37:19 pm

Good to hear that things are going good. My prayer is that God will give you all strength because I know first hand how tiring a week of camp can be let alone all the work you did the week before. Mom is doing well, even vaccuming (which she is not supposed to do, but you know mom) although I think she is ready for you to come home as I am sure you will be to. We are getting ready for the beach on Saturday. Mackenzie will be leaving for basketball camp in the morning at 6:30. All is well here, we are getting a very much appreciated rain this evening, there is actually rain standing in my yard and on the roads. Just know that everyone here misses and loves you. God is good -- All the time. All the time -- God is good. Much love and hugs. Morris, Angie, Mackenzie and Michala

Posted By:Angie

Date and Time Posted: Tuesday June 19, 2007 - 12:42:24 pm

So glad to hear of the spiritual fruits you are reaping there! Exciting! Sorry to hear that the numbers are down but remember the ones that God has orchestrated to be there will be there. There may be a reason the numbers are low. One never knows. But he promised where 2 or 3 are gathered He would be there. It is such a small world. I was looking at the pictures that were posted and I know the lady who came to adopt the little boy. I worked with her at SPS. She was not married then but her name was Kristy Hood. I am not sure what her married name is. She is a sweet lady and I really enjoyed getting to know her. She is also related to my neighbor (Debbie) and I was telling her about it this morning. Glad to hear that she officially adopted this baby as I know they have been disappointed in the past I think with 1 adoption that fell through. Love from Tennessee - Amy

Posted By:Amy Culbertson

Date and Time Posted: Tuesday June 19, 2007 - 12:03:34 pm

Amy, Lee, Alyson and Avery, Thanks for your note this AM. The Teen Week got off to a good start. The numbers were not that great but school is still in session here in what we call middle school back home. I was not aware of that before it was planned. There was a lot of other good news form here though yesterday. Frank and Ralph went to Belize City to disciple a new convert there who accepted the Lord on Friday of last week.Late yesterday evening Ralph, Frank and I went to get groceries and on the way back we picked up two soldiers and one of them wasn't a Christian and we were able to lead him to Christ! Last night we watched part of a video that Frank brought back from the Holy Land. A lady also arrived from Kingsport to adopt a new born baby here. I appreciate your prayers. Tell Alyson that Papaw certainly appreciates her prayers and would like to give her a big hug. Tell Avery that Papaw loves her and hopes to hold her in my arms on Sunday night or Monday! It has been an amazing trip in many ways and I have been touched like never before. I wish that everyone could have a personal view of what it's like here. Their view of things would certainly change. Please check on your Mom as often as you can. Love from Dad, Papaw and FIL-love you too SIL!

Posted By:Larry Browder

Date and Time Posted: Monday June 18, 2007 - 12:34:03 pm

Travis, Jeff, Jordan, Thanks for your notes of safe arrival back home. We sure do miss you but thank God for each day you were here to serve the Lord with us. We certainly appreciate your prayers. We have begun Teen Week and everything is going well so far. Hope by the Lord's help we can share some great news during the week. Look forward to meeting with you when we get home with some fellowship and reminiscing. Love from the team.

Posted By:Larry Browder

Date and Time Posted: Sunday June 17, 2007 - 6:06:38 pm

Dear Angie and Amy, I just noted that I sent you a message on the wrong site. I just told your mom earlier about using the wrong site and wound up using it myself! Please look and see my response. Love from Dad and Papaw.

Posted By:Larry Browder

Date and Time Posted: Sunday June 17, 2007 - 5:34:57 pm

Brenda, I just got back from helping Frank food shop! I was not able to send a note this morning due to several things. I got your message you sent and found you had it on the wrong site-but I got it anyway. Hope things went well at church today. Got some touching messages from Angie and Amy. Had special recognition for fathers here today. We don't know how many we will have for the first day tomorrow but are guessing somewhere around 50 for the first day. I have been impressed with the support from Faith. Pray that God will help each of us to do our best as we reach out to the youth. Some of the schools are still in session one more week. I love and miss you and look forward to seeing you on Sunday night. I'll try to give you an update tomorrow.

Posted By:Larry Browder

Date and Time Posted: Sunday June 17, 2007 - 8:03:01 am

Good morning Larry. Itis Sunday morning and I am fixing to go to church and I wanted to wish you wonderful Father's Day. I wish you were here to celebrate with us. I love you and wish all the team a special day in the Lord. Love, Brenda.

Posted By:Brenda

Date and Time Posted: Sunday June 17, 2007 - 12:20:49 am

Layton, Alahandrew is now a child of the KING, please pray for him.

Posted By:Frank Waldo

Date and Time Posted: Friday June 15, 2007 - 12:01:01 am

Brenda, good to hear from you. We had a good day today as we made our way to the Mayan Indian ruins with an exciting boat that you couldn't believe! I miss you very much and pray that you are gaining strength . Tell the whole family hello. I will try to call you this weekend. Love from Belize!

Posted By:Larry Browder

Date and Time Posted: Thursday June 14, 2007 - 9:07:53 pm

good evening thought i would send you a line to say that I miss you very much i love you send another note later signed Dwight browder

Posted By:Dwight Browder

Date and Time Posted: Wednesday June 13, 2007 - 8:39:57 am

Jeff, Many thanks for working on the email problems. We got all that was sent. You are a Godsend. I can see where you have been here and because of your God given talents we are able to communicate. Wanted to let you know your labor of love is appreciated. Thanks so much.

Posted By:Larry Browder

Date and Time Posted: Wednesday June 13, 2007 - 8:35:34 am

Brenda, Good morning from Belize! It is 6:20 AM here. Dwight and I are surviving! We think we'll have to break down and wash some clothes this weekend! Tell George and Brenda where to look for updates. This group is indeed a blessing. Travis, Dwight, Jerrry and Wayne have formed a quartet and are blessing our hearts with songs. Travis sings solos with the guitar. Nathan and Joel team up as a duet while Joel plays. Pray as we prepare for Teen Week. Being a first we don't know what to expect but God does! We went and visited the pastors of some local churches on Monday. Good response from them. Have a wonderful day and send me another update when you can. I love you!

Posted By:Larry Browder

Date and Time Posted: Wednesday June 13, 2007 - 8:25:32 am

Michala, Good to hear from you and sorry I failed to send you a birthday wish on your birthday! Thanks for the message. I read it the first thing this morning. We are having a good time but miss you all. Had a funeral and a birth since we have been here! Go to the link on the Darthula web and you can see the baby's picture. It is being adopted by a couple from Kingsport that Dwight knew. They named him Caleb Matthew. Tell all hello and I look forward to more messages over the next week and half. Take care of mamaw! Think I'll be able to hear from the other grankids today?? Love from papaw. Send me more notes!

Posted By:Larry Browder

Date and Time Posted: Tuesday June 12, 2007 - 2:52:40 pm

Jeff, I sent the first narrative last night which was fairly lengthty but it has not been posted. Would you mind checking to see what happened? I wrote a brief one this morning that has already been posted. Thanks for your help.

Posted By:Larry Browder

Date and Time Posted: Tuesday June 12, 2007 - 8:25:29 am

Good morning from Uriah! Just a quick note to let you know that all is well with the team. Great things are happening both physically here on the compound and spiritually through the team. We got to go to Spanish Lookout yesterday for the first time for some beans and rice and ice cream. Today, Lord willing, we will be doing more sidewalks as well as making some beans and rice distribution. It has been a wonderful time since we have been here to see how God has blessed this place. I was awed by what I saw since we were here last year. Brenda, I love you and if you can get on the Darthula web site and take a look at the pictures and send a report from home! I miss you greatly and the rest of the family. It has been raining but it cools the air when it does. I'll send another update tonight.

Posted By:Larry Browder

Date and Time Posted: Tuesday June 12, 2007 - 1:13:55 am

Layton, Yes, yes and yes. I have you on the calendar for Feb/Mar and really look forward to it. I have answered your email also. The team is working hard and getting so much accomplished. God is blessing.

Posted By:Ralph

Date and Time Posted: Tuesday June 12, 2007 - 12:48:31 am

Layton I have sent the message to Ralph, and I will check with him this morning and have him get back with you right away. Thanks for all your help in getting information to Jeff. Thanks Jeff for getting this link up. For now I am posting pictures on the Body and soul blog. Love you Guys and thanks again

Posted By:Frank Waldo

Date and Time Posted: Monday June 11, 2007 - 9:53:49 pm

Please look at the Darthula web site for the Body and Soul link to view pictures of the current trip.

Posted By:Michelle Collier

Date and Time Posted: Monday June 11, 2007 - 8:35:24 pm

Greetings from Belize! It's been a wonderful two days, and God has blessed the team in its endeavors immensely. The members have all felt that God put this team together. Though it wasn't planned, four of us formed a quartet that was able to bless a local family by singing at the funeral for their mother/wife/daughter, as well as sing at the church service on Sunday night. The team members have all been blessed from our daily devotions, and its obvious that we're seeing God at work in all that we do. I wish that all the members of my church could have this opportunity, and as I told the team, I expect to see "miracle" happen in the next few days. Please pray for this team that God will use us to glorify His Son, Jesus the Christ. Jerry

Posted By:Jerry McMurray

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