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Daily Narrative from the Belize Mission Group

Date and Time Posted: Wednesday August 18, 2010 - 12:15:22 am

Tuesday Night -- Sorry for late reports. Everything is going fine. Sunday at Faith Church, we had several saved and many rededications. We also had a baptism on Sunday night. Monday and Tuesday were work days for book distribution. we have seen over 325 children in the first two days. Tonight at Uriah Baptist, we held communion. The Lord blessed the service and we had four saved and they took communion with the church for the first time. It was a very special time for each of us and the Spanish Church Uriah. The heat and humidity is overwhelming, but spirits are very high. All the team are well and we have had no major problems. Please keep each of us in your prayers. There are so many children here that do not have sponsors and they beg for someone to sponsor them. It is so heartbreaking to turn them away. We should finish up by Thursday all the children that we have sponsors for and on Friday, we will give away the remaining supplies we have to the children who have no sponsors on a first come basis. The internet has been very slow for the past couple of days but is working better now. I will try to write more tomorrow. God Bless......

Posted By:Layton

Date and Time Posted: Saturday August 14, 2010 - 8:17:30 am

God is so good. It is Saturday morning as I write the first narrative. I am sitting in the dining hall here at Body and Soul Ministries. Yvette is making breakfast and some of the team members are having coffee and listening to the early morning sounds of the jungle surounding the compound. God has given us a safe trip down and all the team are well and happy. The team has worked very hard to get everything ready for bood distribution next week. Many of the kids have come by to see everyone and check out all the supplies we have brought. This is my first trip to Belize for book distribution and I am amazed at how much work is involved to put all of this together. Teresa, Hope, Jane, and all the others will never know in this life how much they have touched the hearts of these presious children and the seed of love they have planted in their hearts. I also am amazed to see how God is working in the hearts of each member of this team and the love of Christ is manifested through each of them. We have had no rain as of yet but it sure is hot and humid. Today should be a light day work wise and we will distribute rice and beans in the village. Tomorrow Joe Smiddy will bring a small medical team to join us and he will operate the medical clinic Monday through Wednesday and return to the states on Thursday. Terry and Samantha are getting settled in for their stay here at Body and Soul as camp managers. They are a special couple chosen by God for a great work here in Belize. Please keep the team in your prayers. God Bless......

Posted By:Layton

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