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Messages sent to Bill while he was in Belize

Date and Time Posted: 2006-10-27 23:52:05

Hey dad, I didn't realize you had a web page for yourself!! I wouldn't have annoyed Ralph and Penny at home so much with all the emails. I am so glad you are following your heart and doing what God wants you to do. I am very proud of you and I can't wait to hear all about your trip. You keep yourself safe and have a safe trip home. I can't wait to talk to you. Love and miss you, Sue, Mike, Kelly and Michael

Posted By:Billie

Date and Time Posted: 2006-10-27 15:53:10

Proud of you brother and still praying for you daily.

Posted By:Shannon Powers

Date and Time Posted: 2006-10-26 20:41:10

Dad just a note to let you know I have my email at home back up. It has been crazy at work since you left (long story) they are working me to death and no end in sight. I am glad you are doing so well and know I miss you very much and can not wait until you come home. I know the Lord has blessed you in so many ways can not wait to hear all about your trip. Jeff is fine I will let him know when I go up to do your bills that you want him to send you a message. I pray God will bless Ralph and Penny for taking such good care of you. They are special people. Your church is a blessing to me and I pray God will continue to bless Layton for all he has done. I love and miss you and will write again. See you soon. I noticed you were exercising with women and watching women...I got a picture...do I need to be worried..ha ha ha You are coming home alone right..ha ha ha God Bless you all I am praying for all of you

Posted By:Donna Akers

Date and Time Posted: 2006-10-23 16:47:03

Bill, We are looking forward to seeing you soon. You have really been missed!! Love you, Andy, Linda and Jessica

Posted By:Andy and Linda Anderson

Date and Time Posted: 2006-10-14 09:42:35

Hello Bill, I had you and all the folks at Uriah on my mind this morning and just wanted to let you know that we miss you and are thinking about you. I am so glad to hear about the well. It will be such a great blessing to not have to haul water to the compound. We raised $1200 for work on the MessHall from our yard sale at church. Everyone worked hard and had a good time also. I was glad to hear from you on the Web Page. It sounds like you are enjoying walking with the ladies and staying trim and fit. We sure do have a lot to talk about when you return next month. I miss our morning chats in my office at Darthula. Stay safe and God Bless!!

Posted By:Layton and Brenda Bentley

Date and Time Posted: 2006-10-13 18:34:35

Bill Hello glad everything is going good with you and the mission.Keeping you in thoughts and prayers daily. Everyone here says hello ( Haley and Sarah says hi! ) You take care now. God bless and keep you. God bless the mission work too. We miss you and hope to see you soon. Love and prayers Lena

Posted By:Lena Johnson

Date and Time Posted: 2006-10-06 22:05:36

Hi Bill, Everyone here is fine and hope all is well with you. All at church look forward to your return in November. We are having a church yard sale tomorrow to raise funding for the MessHall at Uriah. Help us pray that it will be a success. We are planning a trip next year on May 12, and I put you on the list to go. I knew you would want to go back as soon as possible. Hope everything is going well with drilling the well. We are all praying for an abundant supply of sweet water. What a blessing that will be. Stay safe and keep up the good work. Tell Ralph, Penny and all that we said hello and that we miss all of you. God Bless !!!!

Posted By:Layton Bentley

Date and Time Posted: 2006-10-04 18:40:33

Hi Bill. How are you doing? We are doing great and really excited about coming down the end of this month. We can't wait. I know you are really enjoying your stay there. God is so good. We've seen so many miracles the last month or so. We are truely humbled and greatful to our Lord for what he is doing in our lives. We're looking forward to doing God's work. See you soon. Martha

Posted By:Martha and Walter Watts

Date and Time Posted: 2006-09-24 09:08:09

Hello Bill we just wanted to say we are so proud of you and we miss you. Today is homecoming at Darthula we sure will miss you. God bless you and take care. Hope to see you in November.

Posted By:vance and sherry egan

Date and Time Posted: 2006-09-21 21:24:42

Bill. Just wanted to say hello and that I'm keeping you in thoughts and in prayers. Hope everything is well with you and going good with the mission too. Everyone here is good and says hello and we miss you ! You take care now and God bless you and God bless your mission.

Posted By:Lena Johnson

Date and Time Posted: 2006-09-20 12:18:46

Hi Preacher Bill, God's speed and care. I know that the people in Belize are busy about stealing your heart. Glad it is big enough to go around. God willing I will see you next month.........Love

Posted By:Frank Waldo

Date and Time Posted: 2006-09-20 07:45:43

Hi Bill, we wanted to write and say hello to you, we just got to Darthula and you have left us, (just kidding), we are very excited about the unfolding of Gods plan in all of our lives and how we have been placed with Darthula, God Bless and we love you in the Lord. Randall and Jan Roller

Posted By:Randall & Jan Roller

Date and Time Posted: 2006-09-13 11:06:31

Brother Bill!!! The pictures of ya’ll Baptizing in the Caribbean on the xanga site are awesome!!! How cool is that opportunity??!!! I'm sure the trip is a blessing you'll never forget. We love you and miss you. Take care and God Bless!!!

I want to let you and everyone know that I'm working with Penny and Frank to get some more pictures on here of your current trip. I'll have them on here as soon as possible!!

Posted By:Jeff Arrington

Date and Time Posted: 2006-09-12 16:37:25

hi bill! i love you and wanted to let you know how much we're all praying for you. have a great time and watch out for those tarantulas! my grandmother Betty Starnes says hi and is praying for you too. love Caitlin Cherry

Posted By:caitlin cherry

Date and Time Posted: 2006-09-12 14:44:06

Hey Bill! Just wanted to let you know that I miss being with you. Even though we only spent 1 week together, You have a special place in my heart. Seeing you set everyday placing tracks and pens in each book bag, not one book bag got by you without. I know that you are having a great time in the Lord and I am glad that we got to experience Belize together. Remember to come see us when you come home! Love you Bill! Jaime Blessed Hope Belize Team 2006

Posted By:Jaime Kistner

Date and Time Posted: 2006-09-12 14:16:10

Bill, Just wanted to let you know that I thank God for you and your willingness to go to Belize and labor for the MASTER! I trust you are enjoying your stay and having a good time with Ralph, Penny and the whole crew at Uriah. We went over to Harmony the other night to see our grandaughter baptized and another one dedicated and after the service a lady came up to me and introduced herself as your daughter, Donna. We had a good few minutes of chatting about you and the work in Belize. I look forward to hearing about your stay when you return in November. I hope the well drilling is going ok. I heard that God has blessed with almost enough money already to finish. God is good isn't HE! We'll check in again soon but wanted to let you know that we have you in our thoughts and prayers. Tell everyone there I said hello and I'm anxious about getting back next year. May God bless you with strength and courage.

Posted By:Larry and Brenda Browder

Date and Time Posted: 2006-09-11 13:32:14

Hi Bill! Just wanted to let you know how proud we are of you and the work you're doing in Belize. We miss you at Darthula, but know that God has special plans for you at Uriah. Love and prayers, The Fischers

Posted By:Lindsay, Jessica and Sam Fischer

Date and Time Posted: 2006-09-11 11:23:50

Hello Bill, We sure do miss seeing you in Church but we know that you are where you need to be right now. Our thoughts and prayers are with you as you do God's work. May God give you many souls for your labor!! Jessica said to tell you hi. We love and miss you!!!

Posted By:Andy & Linda Anderson

Date and Time Posted: 2006-09-10 20:46:46

Hey Bill, you are in our prayers everyday. Hope you are having a wonderful time in the Lord.

Posted By:donsmith@charter.net

Date and Time Posted: 2006-09-10 17:58:47

Hi Bill - Just found out today that we had a link to you, so thought I'd send you a note. Hope you are doing ok and enjoying your stay. You may have company before long because Martha & Walter are moving down there soon. Will keep you in my prayers. Take care and we miss you. Love, Judy & John

Posted By:Judy Read

Date and Time Posted: 2006-09-10 12:56:20

hey bill, we know you are having a great time in the lord right now!! we are praying for you and ralph,penny,and their family as well!! we love you and miss you all!! tell ms penny we start our home study for our adoption monday,so keep us in your prayers!! sherry and i look forward to coming back to see everyone and also to see our baby!!god bless you all!!

Posted By:vance and sherry egan

Date and Time Posted: 2006-09-09 18:26:06

Bill, I can only imagine you are having the time of your life, because you are in the midst of God's will for your life. We sure miss you at Darthula Church and are praying for you daily. Are you eating any "Beans and Rice". Hug Ralph, Penny, and all the kids for us. Tell Rosita to keep check on this web site for you. Take care and we will see you in November. We are so proud of you. God Bless!!!! P.S. Tell Ralph to keep us updated on the Well Project.

Posted By:Layton Bentley

Date and Time Posted: 2006-09-07 18:22:16

Hello Bill, Hope you are well and everything is going good with you and your mission. Praying for you daily. Everyone says hello, Dwayne, Lori, Sarah, Haley, Angie, Butch, and Dustin - Take care of yourself - God Bless and Keep You! Love & Prayers Lena and Family ( In Mendota, Va! )

Posted By:Lena Johnson 9/7

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