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Messages From Belize Team To Home

Date and Time Posted: Saturday August 6, 2011 - 2:56:07 pm

Team Report - Friday, 080511 - Trip to Lamanai “But let all those that put their trust in thee rejoice: let them ever shout for joy; because thou defendest them: let them also that love thy name be joyful in thee.” – Psalms 5:11 The Team’s “free” day was mostly one of excitement, with most of the Team boarding an early bus for Lamanai (meaning “submerged crocodile”), one of the larger Mayan ruins in the country of Belize. The Team was excited, looking forward to seeing more of the animals of Belize. Due to a late start, there was concern that the Team wouldn’t make it to the dock before the scheduled time; however, after calling the facility, and arranging to arrive late, God blessed us with an on-time arrival. During the trip, however, Brother Darrin Linkins sprained his ankle stepping down off a concrete pad at a service station, and also scratched his foot. There was concern that he would not be able to participate in the day’s walk and activities; however, God’s provisions is sufficient if you depend on the Great Physician! After boarding the two boats to be used for the hour-plus boat ride from Orange Walk to Lamanai, the Team was greeted by spider monkeys swinging through the trees to get nearer to the boat (expecting food). Esuardo fed a banana to one of the monkeys, which promptly scampered back up into the tree with his bounty. Leaving the monkeys behind, the trip down the river began, with frequent stops to see the “Jesus bird,” black vultures, “devil’s gut cactus,” and other animals. No large crocodiles were observed, although one of the pilots indicated that a small crocodile had dived into the water just ahead of where we were at one time. After arriving at Lamanai, the Team had lunch before embarking on the walk through the forest to see the ruins. The first stop was the museum, which summarized the history of the city as it was in years past. Lamanai was once the capital of the Mayan civilization in the northern part of Belize, and was discovered again in 1917, with excavations of the city started in the 1970s. The next stop was the Jaguar Temple, so designated because of the jaguars embolden on the two corners of the Temple. Many of the Team climbed to the top of the temple to see the surrounding area. Howler monkeys were making a racket in the trees near the temple, but most remained hidden from the group as they made their noises. They were “protecting” the trees in the area, many of which were coffee trees, and the monkeys were eating the beans from the trees. Walking on, other temples were seen, including the largest temple at the site. Most of the team climbed the temple to the peak (112 feet high; the second highest in Belize), and were afforded a great view of New River, the mountains in the Southern Part of Belize, as well as a view into Mexico and toward the coast. The blessings of God’s creation were visible from the pinnacle, which we enjoyed immensely. Climbing down again, the group was wettened by a quick shower as the the group continued on to a smaller temple, and were afforded a view of the howler monkeys, which scampered down to pick the beans from the tree. One monkey nearly fell from the trees in his transition from tree-to-tree, but held on by his tail to prevent a long fall. The monkeys had ceased their noise, and we watched for several minutes as they “put on a show.” We were told that, of the temples observed, that most of the city was still unexcavated, having been covered by trees, vegetation, and other detritus over the years. After purchasing a few souvenirs, the Team boarded the bus for what was going to be a memorable ride back to the compound. We had traversed only a few mile until Esuardo pulled the bus over to the side of the road because of overheating. Looking at the engine revealed that the oil cap had blown off; oil had been sprayed over the interior of the engine compartment, and steam was boiling out of the compartment. God had blessed the group because there was water in the nearby ditch, allowing the cooling system to be refilled with water. There was an oil container in the bus, and the oil system afforded some oil. The engine was restarted, even with the engine temperature indicator off-scale (God had blessed the Team by not allowing the engine to sieze)! A water leak was observed in the line to the bus’s heater; a repair was made to bypass this line, and we were on our way again within an hour. Stopping at an store on the way back, more oil was purchased and poured into the engine. The pressure increased to an acceptable level, but over the remainder of the drive, the pressure dropped slowly, becoming nearly critical by the time we made it back to the Body and Soul Compound for dinner (nearly an hour later). The team enjoyed their meal, and was taken back to the Blue Thumb Compound for the night. God has blessed this week’s endeavors of His servants, and gave them a day of fellowship and fun on the trip to Lamanai. Fond memories were made of the trip, and of the friendship of our fellow brothers and sisters in Christ, our eternal family.

Posted By:Jerry McMurray

Date and Time Posted: Saturday August 6, 2011 - 1:33:10 pm

VACATION BIBLE SCHOOL – Day #4 (Thursday, 8/4/11) Make thy face to shine upon thy servant; and teach me thy statutes. – Psalms 119:135 The Lord blessed the Team with another beautiful day for the last of the Vacation Bible Camp sessions for 2011. The Team had to arise early, and make preparations for relocating most members from Body and Soul residences to Blue Thumb Ministries as the Book Distribution Team was expected to arrive on Thursday afternoon. The Team’s breakfast consisted of fried jacks, sausage, and cantaloupe. After packing the suitcases in the back of the bus, the Team left the Compound early to arrive at the Blue Thumb Compound, and anxiously went to prepare things for another day of enjoyment with the kids. The Team was greeted with the faces of over 129 Belizeans who had come to hear God’s Word, have fellowship with the Team, as well as recreational activities for the kids. After beginning the service with a few new songs, and an opening of the service by Sherrell Dunn, the group was again divided into age-related classes. The younger children’s group (6-10) had grown significantly on the last day, with many new kids coming to the class. More of the Team members assisted with that class in their craft activities, enjoying the smiling faces of the children as the colored their drawings and sang songs. God worked through all of the Team members as they endeavored to bring the Good News of God to the children present. Many friendships were made during the week, and the children were sad to see the Camp Staff ending the sessions, anxiously asking if they were going to return next year. After this long day, the Team members had some time to relax and rest before returning to the Body and Soul compound for dinner with the second team (Book Distribution). A few of the Team returned to the Body and Soul compound as they were a part of the second team. The Book Distribution Team was brought to the Body and Soul compound, and then returned to Blue Thumb for a final night of devotions. Most testified to the power and presence of God, and how they were touched by the children in their classes. One young lady, on her first mission, testified that she had lead a child to the Lord, the first time that she has done that in her life! There was rejoicing in heaven for the new borne Christian that day, as well as rejoicing in the hearts of the Team members for this blessed event. Brother Sherrell emphasized that our work is not done – most, or all, were “hooked” with mission work, and would be serving Him in some capacity in the future, with many planning on returning to the Body and Soul compound next year to see God’s gracious work. Brother Sherrell sang several songs to the group, and testified that, though we are filled with the desire that our friends and relatives would come to experience God’s blessings in such service, not all will be accepting for God has not chosen them to be missionaries. We must thank God that He has chosen us for this service, and that we have been so blessed as to receive the blessings that He gives us for doing his will and serving Him.

Posted By:Jerry McMurray

Date and Time Posted: Saturday August 6, 2011 - 10:34:40 am

It is a fabulous day here in Belize - hot and humid. It is with sadness that the Bible Camp Team left the Body and Soul Compound this morning for the return flights to the U. S. Many hearts have been touched by this Team this week, and they have been blessed the the Belizean people. Pray that they have a safe journey home, and that the seed that was sewn this week will bear abundant fruit for the Lord!

Posted By:Jerry McMurray

Date and Time Posted: Thursday August 4, 2011 - 2:09:21 am

“Thou wilt show me the path of life: in thy presence is fullness of joy; at thy right hand there are pleasures for evermore.” – Psalm 16:11 Although a day late, this is a summary of the camp activities for Tuesday, 8/2/11. The Bible School camp was blessed with a night of off-and-on heavy rains on Monday night, and the day opened with a potential of heavy downpours continuing. However, after arrival at the camp, the rains stopped, and the day’s weather proved to be good, allowing the camp attendees to enjoy the day. The Team had split, with Brother Larry Browder and Brother Darrell Fletcher leaving the group to go with Frank Waldo to a breakfast meeting with members of the Belizean Baptist Association. Those meetings were reportedly productive, with work continuing on a number of fronts to allow potential growth of the ministry to Belize. The camp was started with singing, praise, and Scripture reading by Brother Sherrell Dunn. The group divided the attendees (numbering 59 this day) into classes, and sent them to their separate activities. Each class size grew, with a larger number of adults in Brother Tommy Holtzclaw’s class. The father of one child that had attended the previous day came to the camp, and was saved! This man was stealing from his family-his kids and his wife, who sells crafts, to support his alcoholism. He left this vice behind to become a child of the King. The other class activities went well, with new friendships established, and a feeling by the new missionaries that they had made friends with the Belizean people. It is a blessing to see each of the Team members, including the new members, accept their responsibilities, and work wholeheartedly together in bring the Gospel to the lost! After returning to the Body and Soul camp, one group of the Team man that lived in Crooked Tree, Belize. The man was a pastor friend of Pastor Rhaburn, and had served God for many years. He was on his deathbed, and appreciated the Team coming to sing to him. The “group” sang four songs; Pastor Rhaburn and his wife sung, and then the man’s wife and family, along with the Team, enjoyed multiple songs of worship with him. The pastor was appreciative of the singing, rejoicing and raising his hand in celebration when the song “I Will Rise” was sung. It was a time of rejoicing to see this man of God in his final days still celebrating the Savior! The remainder of the Team enjoyed a short period of rest and relaxation. Dave took members of the Team to the Belizean food market (similar to a flea market), and then viewed the area where tomorrow’s food distribution , with evangelism, was to occur. Returning to the compound, the Team was fed a good dinner of chicken, rice and beans, fried plantain, and freshly baked cake. As with past Teams, this one was not exception, being well fed by the camp cooks! At 07:00 p.m., two Bible study groups met – the men in the dining hall, and the women in the sanctuary. The men’s Bible study included a variety of other men in the community that were Christians interested in learning more about God’s word, and how to apply this word. The text was taken from James 1:1-11, the introduction to the text. James, half-brother of Christ, introduces the text by indicating that he is a “servant of God;” the actual word for servant means “slave,” and as slaves, we should depend on our Master for everything just like slaves depended on their owners. We have been bought by Christ, and need to have the attitude of a servant, placing all of our trust in Him. This means that we should fully turn over our lives to Him. We should also study the Word to show ourselves to be approved workers, and asking God to give us wisdom. Wisdom is knowledge applied; simply asking God or learning the word is not sufficient if we do not have an understanding of the meaning of the Word, and how to apply it to our lives. Doubt is easily instilled in our lives, and torments us like a storm. Brother Sherrell Dunn brought the devotions for the evening related to “working together” as a group. He stated that a lot of action goes on behind the scenes so that the missionaries can focus on what they are doing to be more efficient. It is called “partnerships in missions,” and the best example was that of the Apostle Paul and the church at Philippi. This church took a lot of the load off of Paul so that he could focus on the mission at hand. Paul’s writings, in Philippians 1:1-10. Paul had some wonderful things to say about his partners in missions: 1) Be consistent in who you are. Paul was always making request in prayer concerning his friends and fellow missionaries at Philippi. Sherrell related a story of a lady that, in 13 years, has always given a check for $25 per week for missions – she was a partner with Sherrell on missions. She had missed three Sundays in this time – but she had her daughter deliver the check. Sherrell asked the Team members to remember him in prayer. 2) Be confident that God has only begun working a work in you. Sherrell stated that he is entering the last phase of his life; God has just as much work to do on you as he does on Sherrell – he’s not finished. Howard Johnson – Sherrell was a chaplain of a prison in Middle Tennessee, and the jailer got to be a friend of Sherrell’s. The jailer asked for Sherrell to come back to let him meet Howard Johnson. Howard was sobbing, crying and lamenting that he was going to hell, and believed that there was nothing that could be done. Sherrell tried to convince him that Jesus could save even him; he asked Howard what he had done. He confessed that he had abused his own daughter. It took hours before God finally convinced him that even he could be saved. Sherrell acted as a Mediator while Howard was waiting on trial; when his date was up, he was given 47 years after his trial because he confessed that he was guilty of the act, and that his Lord had forgiven him. The chaplain at Brushy Mountain called Sherrell, and asked about what had changed Howard Johnson – why? The chaplain said that Howard Johnson had lead more people to Christ in 18 months than he had in his entire life. Fellowship means that we are “in the same boat.” We might not be doing things the same way, or going in the same direction; when your focus is on the Gospel, you’re not going to have problems with minor problems. We are to show the love of God in what we are to do; we are to be compassionate on people. 3) Be careful. Paul’s writings on this subject-approve things that are “excellent.” This means try things that are different. There are many things that are wrong in the modern church - trying to make things that are exciting, but are getting away from true worship – it’s all about Christ. In trying something new, the purpose is to be 4) Be sincere. The words in the verse relating to this mean to be “without wax” – a term of the marketplace, and it literally means to be without wax. A wise porcelain shopper would come to a place where extensive porcelain was sold, and a dishonest merchant would rub wax into the cracks so that the shopper could not see the crack. A wise shopper would turn it so that the sun revealed the cracks. Hold you life up to the righteousness of Christ so that we make sure we don’t have any cracks that are hidden. We are partners in missions this week . Sherrell had written a song (the “theme” song for the week’s mission trip). The focus of the song was that Christ had brought us together in His love for this Team this week. Indeed, we rejoice at the blessings that God has bestowed on this Team, and how God is using this Team to lead the lost to Christ! To God be the Glory!

Posted By:Jerry McMurray

Date and Time Posted: Thursday August 4, 2011 - 1:46:59 am

“Being filled with the fruits of righteousness, which are by Jesus Christ, unto the glory and praise of God.” – Philippians 1:11 Honoring God, and giving honor and glory unto God and His Son, Jesus Christ, are the goals of the good servant, and I have witnessed another day of service to the Christ this day. The Team arose to a gloriously warm day, with no rain and partly cloudy skies. After a breakfast of French toast, bacon, and fruit, the Team again prepared bagged lunches for the Bible Camp. With expectations of increasing attendance, in lieu of better weather, we were not disappointed to find that attendance increased again on this day (by more than 30%). The theme of today’s lessons was that of “God Answers Prayers.” New songs were sung by the Team, including a rousing rendition of the “Laughing Song” by Darrin Linkins, Tommy Holtzclaw, and Jerry McMurray-it seemed that the children enjoyed this funny song. The children were divided into groups, and today’s activities began. The children enjoyed the crafts, lunch, and the training, but mostly were enthusiastic during the group singing activities. God blessed the day with no rain interruptions, and the opportunity for all of the attendees to enjoy the recreational activities and worship of the Lord. After the Bible Camp was complete for the day, the Team went back to Body and Soul in order to have a quick lunch, and prepare for food distribution with evangelism. The Team was divided into five groups, two of which rode in the van, and the remaining three in the bus to the Mayo Mopan, a poor suburb of Belmopan. Each group had a translator, with the expectation that most of the homes would be Spanish or English-speaking. Each group’s experiences were different. One group was told that they were “an answer to a dream” that the mother had the previous night – that Americans would arrive, come to her home,sdd and give her food for her and her family to eat. Most groups reported that they were impressed by the faith that the people had in Christ, and by the happiness they showed to each other, and to strangers from a far country. Indeed, Team members were impressed with the degree of happiness and satisfaction that the Belizean families had in their lives, even though they had few worldly goods. After distributing the food, the Team went to see Josephena, the grandmother that had been befriended by other Body and Soul Teams years ago. Josephena is now living in a home constructed by a previous Team, and lives alone most of the time. She kissed and hugged each Team member as they arrived, happy that the Team had come to visit her. The Team left beans and rice for her nourishment. It was obvious that she was lonesome, and mentioned how she had even thought of leaving that house in order to live with others. The members were impressed by the trek that she used to make in order to get drinking water from the river; she carried a five-gallon bucket up a steep hill from the river to her house (her new source of water is collected rainwater). The Team attended the night service at Faith Baptist Church. Pastor Rhaburn opened the service in prayer, followed by singing from a variety of groups, including a group of Team members, and a solo by Brother Darrin Linkins. One young lady read her self-composed poem, “Without Warning.” The Team has been fortunate to hear great messages this week, and great teaching during devotions, by the ministers in this group The message this evening was brought by Brother Tommy Holtzclaw, whose message focused on “Going Further.” Sister Mary Hayes testified to her learnings during the mission teams of the past two weeks. She stated that she had realized that she needed to set higher goals in life in order to put trust in God, and to see miracles that are required for their completion. It is easy to establish goals are easily achieved, but are not so if they force one to work hard and rely on God. Brother Tommy’s message was focused on a variety of Scriptures, but was primarily taken from Matthew 5. The Scripture states the concept of “going further” in describing going an extra mile; we are charged to go twain. Witnesses for Christ are not just to do what is required, we are go go further. In order for marriages to be successful, the individuals must go further – not just do what is the bare minimum to keep the marriage alive. Hope and sacrifice are required. Tommy related the story that he had experienced on a evangelistic trip in the past. Tommy and a friend went to a woman’s home to have breakfast; the woman and her two children stood while Tommy and his friend at two corn cakes sprinkled with cheese that the woman had prepared. It was later explained that is all the woman had – it was the breakfast of herself and her children that Tommy and his friend had been fed. Because they had went further than what was required, it impressed the Team so that they came back with two teams working two weeks each, and constructed a new church next door to this woman. Christ went further than he had to, giving his life on the cross and shedding his blood for the lost, even though at any time he could have called ten thousand angels and have been delivered. Tommy related a second story concerning a mother. One of Tommy’s friends had visited the woman, and was shocked at her outward appearance – her face and neck were a patchwork of scars, making the woman ugly to most people’s perceptions. While Tommy’s friend sat down with the woman, her two children came home from school on separate busses, and each one came into the room, hugging and kissing their mother’s scarred face. Tommy’s friend was incredulous – how could they do that? It was later explained by a neighbor why they had such loe for their mother – when they were very young, a fire had started in their home, and the woman grabbed the older child, fleeing the house with her apparel on fire. She deposited her child on the grass, and returned back into the building to retrieve her second child – a baby. She escaped the burning home with her child, but had terrible burns as a result. She had gone farther than had anyone had expected her to go – for the love of her children. It reminded Tommy that the only scars that one can expect to see in heaven are those on the hands and side of Jesus! A third story cemented the relationship that God expects his believers to go. A rich man was saved in a church, and after months, he contacted the pastor, requesting that his name be removed from the church membership because he was unhappy. The pastor agreed to consider it pending the completion of one task by the rich man – to go and purchase food for a poor woman and her children. He purchased extra food for the woman, and as he arrived at her doorstep, he heard her praying to God for an angel to deliver the food. After he entered, she told him that she was going to pray to thank God for her angel. She called on him to pray, at which time he prayed, thanking God for allowing him to be an angel to this woman and her family. This changed his altitude – Christians are expect to be givers, and to go further. That is what Christians are expected to do in our lives, whether in our communities or on the mission field – to go further. The Team followed the service by holding nightly devotions, again led by Brother Sherrell Dunn. Shauna Linkins explained the “miracle” that allowed her to be on the Team that went to her sponsored child’s home; she met his family – a family whose father was “saved” this week at the Bible camp. This man said that he was an alcoholic, but he hadn’t drunk any alcohol on Tuesday, and he hadn’t had anything today! Praise God for salvation! Darrin and Shauna testified about the camp – they had sandals from their church, and during the camp, five children walked up to them wearing broken, damaged sandals. They exchanged the old shoes for new ones. One of the resounding themes that many testified to was how blessed the people were – and how spiritually poor Americans are. Many homes had multiple families together – there are no barriers between families and neighbors like there are in America, and families visit and live together. It was good to note that, in Belize, youth did not prevent people from talking about Christ – Christian teenagers were more open to participation and discussing salvation than in America. Indeed, the spirituality of the Belizean people is a foretaste of what heaven will be like, for all will be happy and content, and will be filled with God's love. The devotions were brought by Brother Sherrell again. Last night in the men’s Bible study, there was a discussion of how some common beliefs are actually incorrect assumptions, and are not true. Psalm 14:1 was quoted: “the fool hath said in his heart, There is no God. They are corrupt, they have done abominable works, there is none that doeth good.” It should be noted that there are two words in the forst segment of this verse that are “italicized,” meaning the words were added for clarity. An atheist is worse than an infidel – removing the added words, the verse’s first segment is restated as: “the fool has said in his heart, no God (I just don’t want God).” Brother Sherrell said that if he is called a fool, he would get over it; if God calls you a fool, there’s no getting over it. We make huge mistakes by making assumptions about critical things in life. Sherrell believes that he is a pastor/evangelist, and God has allowed him to be an evangelist more and more with each passing year. God has increased his boldness – by his character, he is a shy loner – and this personality trait has resulted in a constant battle in his ministry. God, by increasing his burden for evangelism has increased his boldness. Sherrell is not going to make the assumption that everybody on the Team is saved – it is too valuable an issue to make assumptions about. As far as Sherrell knows, he is the only saved person in this room because it is impossible for us to know each other’s hearts. God knows your heart; he knows everyone’s heart. Brother Sherrell stated that he went to Bible College where preachers were trained to be ministers, and during the process some were saved in their training. Don’t be a fool.! Brother Sherrell stated a couple of examples of ‘fools” he had encountered, including an individual who was at a church, and who admitted who he had been lost for 25 years, and yet he would die and go to hell before he admitted his spiritual condition. People get to be fools because they think nobody knows – you and God know, and that is enough. You might hide it from all friends, relatives, and neighbors, but you can’t hide it from God. The second part which made a person a fool, they think they have plenty of time to take care of the “problem.” When not even a second is guaranteed, it is a fool who believes he has time left to make the decision. Sherrell then sung a song-“The Song of a Fool” who doesn’t have time for Christ and salvation. There is no promise of another second, but we have a means of escape from sin, and sometimes even from ourselves. There are no assumptions. Only God is qualified to make the assumption because He knows the hearts of each and every person on this trip. Brother Sherrell concluded his devotions by asking God to help the Team so that there are no fools, and to help with our endeavors in the coming days.

Posted By:Jerry McMurray

Date and Time Posted: Thursday August 4, 2011 - 12:34:52 am

To all, It has been a great day and week at VBS camp. Today was very special as we had a great day at VBS and then left for evangelism with food. Then we went by to see Joshephena, a special Belizean lady, whom we have been helping for a while. It was so good to see her. The feeding was doen with five teams and each one left with a memory or two of many situations that broke their hearts but experiencing the thankfulnes of each family and many echoing their praise to the Lord in spite of the situatiosn that we think are awful. Amy, Brenda and Angie, great to hear the good news about Mackenzie. It indeed was a relief to hear that he was making progress. Tomorrow is a busy day as we end the camp and move to BTM for lodging tomorrow night. I will try to call sometime tomorrow night. Lookingforward to seeing you at home on Saturday. I love each of you and please continue as we finish strong tomorrow.

Posted By:Larry Browder

Date and Time Posted: Tuesday August 2, 2011 - 12:29:54 am

“Only fear the Lord, and serve Him in truth with all your heart, for consider how great things He hath done for you. 1 Samuel 12:24 Last night was the typical Belizean night – warm and humid, with heavy rain. This morning was different in two respects: it was the first day of the Bible camp, and secondarily, many of the Team members were going to go to the local TV station to sing, and to discuss this week’s activities. Those participating in the TV segment reported that they enjoyed the experience. The Team had an early breakfast of eggs, sausage, toast, and pineapple. The morning was typical with more showers before the Team left for Blue Thumb Ministries, as well as after we had arrived; however, the showers slowed and stopped as the Bible Camp started. The attendance was hurt by the rain, but we are blessed by God in that He knew our needs, and gave us the children that He directed to come to the camp on this day. After the opening music, and opening Scripture, the separate classes began the day’s activities – rotating through periods of recreation, class, lunch, and crafts. A separate class was conducted by Brother Sherrell and Brother Tommy for the mothers and fathers that had come to the Camp. The class was opened by Scripture; however, after two verses, the focus of the class changed. Brother Sherrell and Brother Tommy became listeners to the testimony of some of the mothers, opening up the possibility that additional parents will be coming tomorrow to attend the adult class. God is opening up additional opportunities for Team members to lead others to Christ, and the Team is privileged to see God’s working in accomplishing His purposes. The focus of the classes was different from class to class, but the main focus was still the same – to show the miracle of salvation, Jesus’ birth, death, and resurrection. After the class rotations were completed, the classes reunited in the main chapel for a closing service lead by Brother Sherrell. It was followed by an invitation, at which several kids came forward to accept Christ. What a marvelous Savior we have! There was one unfortunate incident to report. One child was on the see-saw, slipped, and fell from the unit to the ground, breaking her wrist. The quick response by other Team members eased the child’s pain by creating a splint for her arm, and seeing that she was taken to her family’s home, from which she ws expected to be taken to the hospital for treatment. It was unfortunate that the child was injured, and yet the injury showed the Team’s true heart, with many members hurting for the injured child. This shows a heart of love; as Christ loves us, so do we love the children of Belize. After taking the children to their homes, or the bus station, the Team members loaded into the vans and drove to Spanish Lookout for lunch, shopping, and the “usual” ice cream at Western Dairies. Sour Sop ice cream was one of the varieties tried by many, but all enjoyed the good ice cream offered at the Dairy. Returning to the compound, the members quickly transferred two bags of beans, two bags of rice, and a bag of powdered milk into smaller bags for dispersing the village feeding and evangelism outreach. The evening devotions were proceeded by testimonies from various Team members about the events of the day. Seeing children saved; seeing the compassion on the injured; seeing the opportunity to expand the classes; and the outreach, during the coming week; and the desire to see many more come to know the Lord. Brother Sherrell Dunn brought the devotions to the Team for today. His message was from St. John’s Gospel, Chapter 8, concerning the woman who had been caught in adultery which the Pharisees had set in the midst of a group near Jesus. Jesus had many self-made enemies, and the Pharisees were such individuals. The Pharisees had asked Jesus what he thought – seeking to entrap him. If He had said that the Law of Moses said to stone her, then they would say that He didn’t love the woman; on the other hand, if He had said that they shouldn’t stone her, then it would be said that He had no regard for the law. Jesus’ response put the Pharisees in a predicament – they had brought a person to Jesus in brining the woman that committed the sin. Jesus was called “Master” by the Pharisees, but He was not their Master. They were close enough from being what they should be, and yet were five million miles from where they needed to be. “Close” doesn’t get it done. If people say “I’m not as close to Jesus as I used to be,” it means that we are farther away from Christ than were when we were saved. Where was the “man” caught in the act of adultery? He was not brought to Jesus because it was a man’s society. The secret to be an effective missionary is to minister to the people “where they are.” Sherrell stated that he has had opportunities to preach at many locations throughout the country, and one such location was in Washington State south of Seattle. Sherrell was told by a member that her son was dying without Christ; this individual had cancer, and could hardly get out of bed. This man’s mother had requested Sherrel vist her son, which he agreed to do. After he arrived at her son’s home, as he walked inside the door, there her son in a chair – he was “eat up” with cancer due to AIDs. Sherrell walked over and touched the man on the shoulder and shook his hand; he did that to break the “stigma” associated with the disease in that many had the image of people having AIDS as being unclean. After sitting there with him, sharing the Gospel, he prayed to receive Christ. As Sherrell got to the door, he was told that the man was “touched” by Sherrell’s actions during the meeting. Right across the street was a thirty-acre church building (complex), where thousands of people went to the church, and yet NONE had visited him. We want people to become like us and then we will minister to them. All members of the Team knew the answer when Sherrell had asked how many had visited him - that none had visited him, and we knew that because we have been guilty of the same thing. When we minister to people, we are trying to get to the point where there is “them and us.” Sherrell had stated that he had been trying to pastor for thirty years, and the greatest problem with churches is that we have churches; we have convinced ourselves that if we go to church, sing our songs, maybe go on a mission trip once or twice a year, we have “arrived.” We forget that the church is to invade the world. It is a truth that the world is invading the church; wouldn’t it be great if the church would start to invade the world. It is not the “big” things in life that would cause a person to listen to the message of the Christian. Where people are unsaved, we should understand that it is area where Jesus went to. We “pity” people who are not saved – we pity people who are going to hell. Adam and Eve in the garden transgressed God’s law and sinned. God the Father and Son saw the sin, and Jesus did not just pray for man (he did this in the Garden of Gesemane); but was nailed to the cross to die for us. Pity and prayer are not enough to save the lost. He relayed the message of a young man and his brother who would party each Saturday night, and his mother would pray for them near the stump of a tree in their front yard, often until the early hours of Sunday morning when they would arrive home. One day he found her praying near the stump, and lifted her up and slapped her. The next weekend, they walked in a driving rainstorm – when they got home, they found her again near the stump praying for them. They both knelt down, and gave their lives to Christ-she didn’t just pray for them, she loved them. Pity and prayer alone is not going far enough to minister to people where they are. If any person keeps the whole law, and breaks a single point, he/she is guilty of breaking the entirety of it. Let’s not minister unto people right where they are. Help us to remember how precious these souls are, and how much He loved and cared about them. Other Team members gave their testimony, and the team was blessed again with their commitment to the purpose of God. We expect tomorrow to be another day of miracles, with more children and additional opportunities to share God’s love with a lost and dying world.

Posted By:Jerry McMurray

Date and Time Posted: Monday August 1, 2011 - 12:52:10 am

Philippians 2:3-5: “Let nothing be done through strife or vainglory, but in lowliness of mind lest each esteem other better than themselves. Look not every man n his own things, but every man also on the things of others. Let this mind be in you, which was also in Christ Jesus. Greetings from the Bible Camp Team in Roaring Creek on this glorious day on behalf our Savior, the Lord Jesus Christ. The Team began the day with another great breakfast prepared by staff here at Body and Soul. The meal consisted of fried jacks, scrambled eggs, sausage, refried beans, and watermelon. The Team attended the 1000 service at Faith Baptist. Pastor Rhaburn opened the service with a prayer asking God’s blessings on the week’s activities, and on the congregation. The prayer was followed by congregational singing, and then a “group” of the Team sang a few songs, with an enthusiastic response by the congregation. Brother Frank then opened the service with an introduction of Brother Darrell Fletcher. Brother Darrell brought the message, and began by discussing his family and his love for his children. Brother Darrell has three children, and he now never leaves them without saying that he loves them. He believes in goals, whether for an individual or a church. One of the common “quotes” going around is the directive “Ready, Shoot, Aim.” He believes that is sending the wrong message to society, and that “without a vision, the people perish.” At a recent family gathering, he asked his children to write their obituaries – not what they are now, but what they would want them to be in 30 years or more. It is not just what you want the end of your life to be, it’s the “what’s between” that matters. His Scriptural references were John 3:3 and John 3:16. Nicodemus had recognized Jesus for a man of God by his miracles, and that He was a great Rabbi. However, Jesus’ response was simply a statement directed at the “heart of the matter” - that a man must be “born again” in order to see the Kingdom of Heaven. Today an Internet news posting stated that people often use the language of Christians, but many times do not know what the words mean. That is a truth for many don’t know what being “born again” really means. Jesus explains the method of salvation in one simple, single verse; a verse that even most children learn in Sunday School, but what does it really signify? Angel Martinez memorized the entire New Testament, and was able to recite any section upon request; he stated that the most important verse in the whole of the New Testament was John 3:16. In that verse, God gives the cause, the cost, the consequence, and the condition of salvation. God is the “greatest lover” in creation, and loves all people easily. Some people are not easy to love, but God loves use even when we don’t love ourselves. The decree He makes is that He loves the “world” – all of humanity, a love that we cannot comprehend. God even loves his enemies-those who do not love or desire to know Him and that have reviled Him. There was a pastor in a church in Blacksburg, Virginia, who was explaining the message to a young man who didn’t want to hear the truth. This young man cussed the pastor, and used the vilest of language to express his disdain for God and the truth of salvation. Yet, when the young man attempted to leave the pastor’s presence, the pastor stated that he expected to see the young man in church on Sunday. The young man questioned as to why the pastor should expect that simply due to his foul language, and the pastor’s response indicates the depth of God’s love (paraphrasing): “You may beat me up, but you cannot stop my love, or God’s love, for you.” Freedom, as we know, is something that cannot be gained without paying a price; it is never free. The greatest act that we can do is to give to others of what we have. God has the resources and the desire to give whatever was necessary to save man from sin, and that cost was His only Son, Jesus. The condition for salvation is simple – “whosever will believe.” Brother Darrell stated that he was glad that he was a “whosoever.” Jesus smiles at us, offering us His love even though He knows what we did today, or what we thought yesterday. The plan of salvation is also the simplest – whosoever will believe in Him is given salvation. Jesus is the greatest attraction in the world – many people worldwide know the name of Jesus, but do not know what He has done for them. The consequence of meeting the condition of having faith in Jesus is that of “not perishing, but having everlasting life!” God will not fail you nor mislead you; you can’t outlive God. It is great to know that, as a Christian, we have the promise of eternity. As Brother Darrell related, we are all one step away, one heartbeat away, from eternity. He related an experience of a man that he knew who, in the process of bending over, simply “froze,” and did not sit up again. One second he was here in this life; in the next second, he was dead – with no “moans” or “groans” indicating problems, with no history of illness or sign of sickness. We must be ready for eternity now! Brother Darrell was wearing a T-shirt with the number 670 on it. What did that mean? If you were able to lead one person to the Lord in each week, and if ˝ of those could do it, over 670 would be saved in a year, and over 2 million would be saved in 5 years. The consequence of being lost for an eternity is too great to not tell our brothers and sisters of the condition and the cost – that God loves us, and has given His Son to save us for an eternity! During the message, Brother Darrin Linkins and other Team members, took the children aside in the dining area for a lesson. After their lesson, Brother Darrin asked the children to bow their heads, and asked those who knew they were not saved, but who wanted to be, to raise their hands. Many children were saved this morning simply through obedience to God’s will. The camp was pelted by rain during the lunch period, and minor roof leaks were noted in the dining hall. After lunch, the Team awaited a response from Blue Thumb ministries as to when they would be available for the Team to visit the site and prepared for the start of the Bible camp tomorrow. After several delays, the group left the compound at 3:15 to visit the site. They rearranged the chairs in the main sanctuary; decided on a class rotation; determined the location of the five classes; and the timetable for the school. Brother Larry challenged each Team member to act in a manner consistent in a manner that was Christ-like.. He also emphasized that we have the opportunity to change the lives of some of these children, and that it may be the only, or the last time, that they will have an opportunity to accept Christ. Brother Larry closed with prayer, asking for God’s guidance and blessings on our activities. After returning to the compound, the Team enjoyed a great meal of spaghetti, garlic toast, banana nut bread, and drink. The Team went to Faith Baptist tonight for the evening service. Pastor Rhaburn opened the service, and welcomed the visitors and pastors. The service was then continued with the singing provided by a variety of groups and individuals, all singing the praises of our Savior. The message was brought by Brother Sherrill Dunn, who preached on 1 Peter 3:18: “For Christ also hath once suffered for our sins, the just for the unjust, that he might bring us to God, being put to death in the flesh, but quickened by the Spirit.” The subject of his message was that there is no greater choice than Christ. Brother Dunn stated that we have mastered the ability to choose the wrong master, to choose the wrong life, to choose the wrong death, and to choose the wrong destiny. God has set before each of us the choice of life and death; the wise choice is to choose life. There is also the choice of heaven or hell; the wise choice is to choose heaven. One of the great gifts that God has offered to Christians is the ability to offer that choice to nonbelievers – we have the ability to bring others to know our precious Savior. The analogy was given of God’s art museum; the portrait that we should have of God’s Son is that of Suffering Savior. Christ was a man of suffering – and his suffering was not that of a fairy tale story, but real pain, loneliness, and the weight of suffering for the sins of all men. He took our place on the cross, for the wages of sin is death, but Christ has made a way to save our souls. Salvation also gives men the choice between salvation and freedom versus suffering and bondage. The second choice is the price of sin – the Bible clearly states that the wages of sin is death, eternal death. How does God pay this price for your sins – through the death of Jesus – His death paid for your soul’s freedom. The cost is the Sovereign Son of God. Isaiah, Chapter Nine, gives the vision of Jesus on the cross. Our sins “took Jesus to the cross,” but it was a choice that God had made – Jesus was given for our debt. The message of salvation is not for preachers that only preach health and wealth. Health is no good to a sinner on his death bed if he doesn’t know Christ; prosperity is no good to a destitute soul that is ignorant of the truth of Christ’s salvation. Christ was blameless, and yet He took the blame for us. Jesus, and Jesus only, saves men and women from an eternal hell. There are 2 reasons for Christ death on the cross – to destroy sin, and to deliver salvation to the lost. We look through a glass darkly in this life - it is true that believers will walk on streets of gold, enter gates of pearl, see the Tree of life and the river of life, and have a great reunion with our family who were believers who have gone on before; these are indeed truths, but what is also true is that we will see the face of God. This is not because a person is a Christian, or a preacher, or a teacher, etc., but is solely because of Jesus Christ suffering on the cross of Calvary. Following the message, an invitation was given, and three adults came forward to surrender to the calling of God, and to accept Jesus as Savior. The Team was enthusiastic when Brother Dunn conducted the nightly devotions. The Scripture read was from Acts, Chapter 20, concerning Paul’s broken heart for sinners. Brother Dunn provided the story of Robert and Debbie Campbell. Both were poor acquaintances of Sherrell, with Robert working at the same plant as Brother Sherrell. Robert received Christ at an approximate age of 35; he was a person of limited mental abilities. Robert did not know how to read, and for many months Sherrell taught Robert how to read. One day, Robert asked to go with Sherrell during their witnessing; however, there was a problem – Robert did not bathe frequently, and did not have clean clothes. After providing all but new shoes, and telling Robert how to prepare, they met him at his door – dressed finely except for the worn, muddy brogans that he had on. Those were his only shoes. They were witnessing to Dan Kimball, an alcoholic who, at a young age, had lost most of all that he had. Sherrell stated that the presentation in witnessing “flowed,” but there was no positive response from Mr. Kimball. Robert asked to speak, and without a word showed his heart’s positions as he fell on his knees and crawled over to Mr. Kimball, grabbing his legs and weeping. Robert finally spoke, saying that he didn’t know how to read the Bible, nor what it contained, but that he knew personally the Christ that the Bible was all about. That testimony broke the hardened heart of Mr. Kimball. It is not the flowery speech or presentations that lead the lost to Christ; it is the showing of compassion, and having a broken heart for the lost, that lead the lost to know our Savior. The day concluded with prayer for several individuals, and for the Team members – that as they are given the opportunity to speak to the lost this week, that they have a broken heart for the lost! We are a blessed group of servants, and may God use us for the glory of His Son!

Posted By:Jerry McMurray

Date and Time Posted: Monday August 1, 2011 - 12:07:57 am

What a day at Body and Soul and in Belize! Again, you should read Jerry's wrteup to get the details. We just finished with our nightly devotions in which Bro Sherrell Dunn challenged us to be broken to tears for the lost souls that we will be in contact with this week. We dismissed with a circle of prayer asking God to touch us in a special way. Amy, thanks for the update. Naturally it was not what I wanted to hear again but I can assure you there was prayer going up tonight in Belize for him. Please pray for us as we start tomorrow. Angie, tell Mackenzie that papaw is thinking of him a whole lot and praying for the healing power of God to touch him. Brenda, I enjoyed our chat today and wish you could have experienced the day here-all but the downpour of rain several times. I told them I could stand a little rain instead of the hot sunshine! Today was overcast most of the day and the forcast is rain and temperatures in the mid to upper 80s most of the week. Love to all and hope tahat I get some good news from home and that you cn get even more good news from Belize!

Posted By:Larry Browder

Date and Time Posted: Sunday July 31, 2011 - 7:40:24 am

God was truly good to a group of 25 team members who traveled to Belize on Saturday. I encourage you to read Bro Jerry McMurray's writeup of the first day. He does a tremendous job. It was truly a blessing to be back at the compound, see old friends, meet Dave and Verna as well as two new guys I have not met, Don Royston and Vic Davis. They are truly a blessing and will be ministering this week to locals. Amy, thanks for the update on Mackenzie. I wanted to hear better but understand. I will ask prayer this AM for him here and please tell him that papaw loves him dearly and will be praying for him today.Tell the girls and Lee I said hello and let them know I love them. Keep me posted. I will check the upodates here as often as I can. Brenda, I will try to call you later today some way. Hope things go well at church this AM. Tell everyone we are doing well and anxious to go today to services and to start tomorrow with the VBS camp. I love you and will miss you a lot this week. I am sleeping over Jerry McMurray so pray that I don't fall through on him! We go to Faith here at Body and Soul both times today. I have asked Amy to keep me posted on Mackenzie. I sure hated to leave him in his condition.Hope you can get online and read what is going on every day. Ang and all, love from dad. I am praying for you today and will listen for better results today. Love you all. The weather was actually overcast when we arrived and it rained last night hard. Hope God will see fit to withold the rain during camp time. Layton, saw all three Reyes girls yesterday. They met us at Cheers. Was good to see them and they will help us a lot this week with translating and other ways. They asked about you. See you on Thursday-God willing. It is Sunday AM here as I write, 5:30 AM Belize time and I am in the mess hall and Sherrell and Darrell are here behind me sharing stories! Sherrell did a terrifc job last night with devotions and I look forward to hearing both of them today-Darrel in the AM and Sherrell in the PM. Dave and Verna are terrific! It seems I have known them all my life. Had many good conversations already and they are gracious hosts.

Posted By:Larry Browder

Date and Time Posted: Saturday July 30, 2011 - 11:29:27 pm

“Go ye therefore, and teach all nations, baptizing name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Ghost. Teaching them to observe all things whatsoever I have commanded you, and, lo, I am with you always, even unto the end of the world. Amen.” – Matthew 28:19,20 The Belize Bible Camp Team 2 began the fulfillment of their calling with their departure from the Tri-Cities to Belize in two separate groups – one from the Tri-Cities to Atlanta to Belize City, and one (larger) group by Tri-Cities to Charlotte to Belize City. Both teams arrived at the airport in Belize within a few minutes of each other, and after passing through Belizean Customs without incident, the Team assembled outside the airport, rejoicing in God’s blessing in giving us a safe journey. We were introduced to Dave and Verna Almen, the two missionaries in charge of the Body and Soul compound. All Team members boarded the bus; luggage was loaded; and Esuardo, our bus driver, began driving us to Roaring Creek. As usual, the Team stopped at "Cheers" for lunch, and enjoyed a good meal before proceeding onward to Blue Thumb Ministries. God has blessed their ministry and organization with many improvements during the past year, including the picnic tables, new bathrooms, and new recreational facilities for the young kids. As the camp as in used by local Belizeans, and as the Team only needed to see the layout of the site, the group then loaded back onto the bus and went to the Body and Soul compound to unpack the bus and get situated in our rooms. At 0500 p.m., the Team met for a general review of the week’s activities. As good stewards and servants of God, the members were cautioned to be on-time for each event during the week. The meeting was opened by prayer by Brother Larry Browder, followed by a review of the history of Body and Soul Ministries given by Brother Frank Waldo. Ralph and Penny Digman were lead by God to come to Belize during the mid-1990s. Penny, a nurse, was being lead to establish a clinic to help the poor of Belize; Ralph was the “support” person in charge of construction. The goal of Ralph and Penny was to show the love of Jesus through actions, and that has continued by the Ministry through the years – whether through village feedings, Bible camps, construction of new churches, etc. The ministry began with leasing a couple of buildings on the main highway, and eventually leading to construction on the compound about 8 years ago. The village had donated the land to the ministry if they would construct a clinic. God’s hand was evident throughout construction - no water, no power, no roads (water was brought down in tanks; roads were built, and power lines were run). Each and every need was met by God’s providence. The dining hall was constructed by several churches. Larry’s church, Heritage Baptist, had a well installed on the site; thus, many contributors constructed things as needed. The attitude in the past was to “drive four stakes” showing a “need,” which would be met by God in time. The big part of the ministry is the ministering to the people who come to the compound as missionaries, for indeed they will find it a life-changing experience. Frank Waldo is the current President of Body and Soul Ministries of Belize. Darrell Fletcher is with the Team this week as an outreach of Virginia Baptist Association, and will be working in developing that outreach in the Roaring Creek area this week. Brother Fletcher works with Virginia Baptist Mission Board and the North American Missions Board. Of note is that the government has given 100 acres to the Belizean Baptist Association. One of the things that is being investigated is “what can be done to utilize the 100 acres” to best build God’s kingdom, and to continue to help in the growth of the church in Belize. Hopefully, the efforts will allow utilization of the property according to God’s purpose. Brother Larry then discussed the Bible camp phase of the ministry; this activity started in 2007 when Brother Larry was lead to start a Bible camp similar to what he had utilized in evangelism in Jamaica. The School in 2007 was a small group of children; this outreach expanded in 2008 with a larger group attending the camp. Last year the camp exceeded all expectations, with over 240 children attending on the last day. This year it was decided that the team would utilize two camps – one for older teenagers, and one for younger teens. The Team then discussed the rest of the schedule for the week, including church services, village feeding, and Team assignments. The Team members introduced themselves by telling what church they attended, and whether this was their first mission trip or not; for many, it’s a new experience. It is always amazing how God will assemble a team to do His work by His plan with those who are willing to serve. Brother Sherrell Dunn conducted the nightly devotions. He asked the group to name one thing about Lazarus – most responded that “he died” and “he arose.” Sherrell reminded us that there is only one Gospel; there are four accounts that differ in their perspectives on Jesus. He next read the Scripture in John 12:9-10: “Much people of the Jews therefore knew that he was there; and they came not for Jesus’ sake only, that they might see Lazarus also, whom he had raised from the dead. But the chief priests consulted that they might put Lazarus also to death.” Lazarus had died once, and the chief priests had shown their stupidity to in trying to put him to death again, and their unwillingness to accept Christ for who He was! Would a person be happy to be like Lazarus? The chief priests were in the dilemma on what to do about Jesus. The chief priests were political pawns in the hands of the Romans; they were in charge of trying to control Jesus. They knew that they could be put in prison or be swept out office. Their choice was now what to do about Lazarus – because of Lazarus many had went away believing on Jesus. Are you making a difference as a Christian? A real danger we have is that we put our lives on cruise control – we’re on our way to heaven, so let’s enjoying the ride. What the Lord wants us to do is to make a difference on our way home. Are you a living example about the Lord’s power? Lazarus was visible evidence of God’s almighty power to raise Jesus from the dead. That is exactly what has happened to us – we have been “quickened” by the Spirit of God? Just as Lazarus has been quickened by God’s power, so are we. Has it ever bothered you that your testimony is not as dynamic as someone else’s? You hear the dynamic testimonies – yours may not be as dramatic, but it should be as dynamic. It took just as much power to do for us what he did for Lazarus by just a word – he had to die on a cross, suffer, and pay our sin debt to raise us from the dead! There are more dynamic miracles in our lives as Christians-more than even Lazarus. It is the power of God that makes there difference – each of us should be an example of the Lord’s power. Consider creation – how much power did it take for God to do that? There’s one theory that Christians should not argue against – the big “bang theory” – God said “let it be, and “bang” – there it was! Without the benefit of wires, electricity, and manmade artifices, God made light; without brackets, strings, etc., he suspended the earth around the sun, and hung the stars; all that done by the power of God, and it took more power to raise us from the dead – we have as much a dynamic testimony to the power of God. 2) Are you a witness to the Lord’s passion (the love of God)? That is the most profound love that has been in existence – whether in His will, right or wrong, cold or hot….He still loves you. Jesus wept over Lazarus at the tomb; they said behold how He loved Lazarus. Sherrell gave an example of an experience in his past - he onced worked as a respiratory therapist. He told the story of Dr. Clark, and how as a Christian he taught Sherrell many things. There was a little boy with inoperable brain tumors; his mother had been there with the child for weeks. Dr. Clark had to tell the mother that her son was to die very soon; she stared at them, and she told her son that if she could she would die if it meant that he could live. There was a day when Christ had took our hand, and said that there was a way that we could live-because Jesus love me, as simple as that, He would take our place. Nothing can be more dynamic than that! 3) Are you a living example of the Lord’s proof? Many people went away and believed on Jesus – they looked on him, and saw evidence of what Jesus had claimed to be. You are the only evidence to many of what Jesus is, and what Jesus is supposed to be. There is a child that Sherrell is aware of that takes many insulin shots per day; she never flinches. She hears Sherrell speaking about Christ, and she often tells him that he is Jesus. In one sense, she is correct-he is the only Jesus that the child knows. That is the way that people are looking at us – you’re the only miracle that some people are going to witness. Lazarus was living evidence of what Jesus was claiming to be. We don’t have any words of Lazarus contained in the Bible. The key is that his life is an unerring testimony to the glory of Jesus as the “Lord over death”! We are in a no-losing situation – to live is Christ, and to die is gain! The Bible tells us to be not conformed to the world, but be ye transformed. The Greek word for this change given in the Bible is the word meaning a complete transformation – when Christ makes a difference in our lives, we are transformed by Him! Martha was accusing Jesus that it was His fault that that Lazarus was dead. He was the resurrection – the transforming power of Christ was Jesus Himself. We have a wonderful opportunity to make a difference in people’s lives this week…this is easy. The real hard part is when we get back home; that is where people know everything about us. Is there anyone we cannot witness too because they know too much about us? That’s a scary thought. That is why Lazarus was a man who made such a difference – He made a difference in this world because Jesus had made a difference in his. Sherrell closed in prayer: May it one day be said of us that “because of his/her actions there were many people who believed in Jesus.” Help us to make a difference in our world help us to make a difference. The meeting was concluded by additional testimonies, and by prayer, with emphasis on how blessed we are to be able to be in God’s service. We give thanks to the Lamb of God for bringing us safely to Belize; for the members of our Team; and for the opportunity to be servants for the Most High God in the coming week!

Posted By:Jerry McMurray

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