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The 2015 Sector 4 Puerto Marazan Nicaragua Mission Team

This page is dedicated to the 2015 Sector 4 Puerto Marazan Nicaragua mission team.

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Daily Narrative from the Mission Group

Date and Time Posted: Friday February 13, 2015 - 10:24:47 pm

On second thought with the coming weather at home we are going to stay in Chinandega another week. See you all next week.

Posted By:The Team

Date and Time Posted: Friday February 13, 2015 - 10:22:05 pm

Nicaragua for our free day. Some good byes were said at the team house this morning as we had made new friends on this trip and had old friends to say bye to. We loaded up and headed to Managua for a day of fun. Toured the city some and went to the zip line. It was a first for some of the team members and a rush for all who zipped across the caldera of the volcano. Some members zipped upside down and some did the superman or maybe wonder woman. We ate lunch at a Nicaraguan MacDonaldís. Then on to the market in Masaya for shopping. During the travel we still had a few mission balls left so as we continued to Managua Good morning families, we are all up early excited to be heading home. Packing and getting ready to see we would see schools letting out and stop and continue the mission ball ministry. Then we met at the Motel called Camino Real, lounged around the pool and had a wonderful supper. Everybody is packing and getting ready for a long day of travel tomorrow. The team would like to thank everybody that made the mission possible. All that was donated and the labor put forth fund raising and gifts made and donations for the Bible school. All that was given has been used to further Gods kingdom in the best way possible to honor and glorify our savior. The Team in His Service in Nicaragua. We will see you tomorrow.

Posted By:The Team

Date and Time Posted: Friday February 13, 2015 - 12:21:23 am

Up this morning taking it easy. We had plenty of time and went to Chinandega for the team to get things to take home. Off to the building site to finish the church. The heat was building up today. We finished up with the church with part of the team going to the baptism and the rest finishing up with the church. Randy baptized 5 people in a place called the palace from one of the local churches. Back to the church for the dedication service. People started arriving from all corners on all modes of transportation. There was a bus, a truck, and plenty of motorcycles. The praise team from El Viejo arrived and brought their instruments. We were in for a powerful spiritual service. The service started with great worship music and continued with prayer for the people that were baptized. There were a couple of skits performed and then Randy brought a powerful message. The church was packed full with as many people outside as inside. They were sitting out in the street and standing alongside the windows watching the service. Pastor Felix of the Baptist convention anointed Pastor Nelson as a new pastor of the new church. Jerry presented Nelson with a new Spanish Schofield Bible and the praise team sang more worship songs. It had been a long hard hot day and we headed toward the team house with good feelings of new friends, old friendships renewed and closeness with God that is indescribable. Our Mission accomplished. Take Care and we will see you Saturday. The Team In His Service in Nicaragua

Posted By:The team

Date and Time Posted: Wednesday February 11, 2015 - 11:59:55 pm

Wednesday morning and the team is excited to get things going in Nicaragua today. God has promised great things today. Off to the building site with just a little touch up to do on the paint. The electrical has the potential of being done but we will see. The heat takes its toll. The team split up in half and worked on the electrical while others went for visitation in the village. As the team went through the village they were invited in to their homes like they were old friends. The team had gift bags to present and they passed out tracts. As they moved along 4 people were led to the Lord. It was a moving experience for the team. The villagers have all been invited for the dedication on Thursday and most have said they will be there. We are anticipating big things on Thursday. The final day of bible school was a blast for all that came. To win a prize the children presented what they had learned this week. One girl recited John 3:16 and was the winner of a mission ball. One girl explained the evangicube and won a mission ball. One little boy sang a song called too-ti-ta and won a mission ball. 5 mission balls were given out to winners of other games. At the end the kids were given ice cream from a local vendor along with juice, cookies, and a t-shirt and they all had big smiles as it winded down. Back to the team house for supper and a quick shower. Off to El Viejo for the revival. Lets get loud praising our Lord. It was a spiritual service this evening with great music and Randy brought a powerful message. El Viejo church members brought us to the front and prayed for us. A powerful love only from God was felt during the service. Friends were made for life. The Team In His Service from Nicaragua.

Posted By:The Team

Date and Time Posted: Tuesday February 10, 2015 - 11:30:13 pm

In the menís dorm room, we thought it must have snowed last night. The air conditioner was set low and we could not find the remote. Most everybody had to get up early to get warm. Just think in Nicaragua. But after a hearty breakfast we headed out to Puerto Morazan. Since the painting is essentially done a lot of us jumped in and made a big dent in the electrical. The electric is about in and may be finished late tomorrow. The Bible school went really well today. One little girl about 10 or 11 recited Psalms 23 and never missed a beat. Games were played and the chicken dance was enjoyed by all. Salvation bracelets were handed out and there was interaction between the children and the missionaries as to what each color meant. Back to the team house for a wonderful lasagna and getting ready for the revival. The music was loud and wonderful worship music. Randy preached a powerful sermon on ďDonít give up but when you feel like you are giving up turn to GodĒ At the alter call most of the church went forward for prayer and the team went and prayed for the church and it members. The Holy Spirit was ever present in El Viejo tonight. Back to the team house for eskimo and hopefully early to bed. The heat is taking its toll. The team would like to thank all the people who donated material and made dolls, etc.. for the bible school. The team has heard it is supposed be 6 degrees the night we come home. We wonder if we can stay another week???The Team In His Service in Nicaragua

Posted By:The Team

Date and Time Posted: Monday February 9, 2015 - 9:43:30 pm

Monday morning bright and early we were up and headed to Sector 4 Puerto Morazan. Some went for supplies and were accused of getting ice cream again. Who knows. Some went on visitation and others started painting the church. The visitation team had 3 saved and 1 rededication in the village all before lunch the first day. God is doing great things on this trip. Electrical supplies are in and the electrical system is started. The painting was pretty much finished today thanks to Marks sprayer. The construction of the church is going well. The Bible school kicked off and they had 50 plus. They were in the building and standing outside to watch. There was 40 plus that prayed for the Lord to become their savior. It has been a very rewarding day in Nicaragua with souls saved and a lot accomplished on the church. On visitation the team was touched by the generosity of the Nicaraguans. They were invited in to their homes and offered their very best. It has touched the whole team and they will never be the same. After the day the team had the afternoon off and rested and recovered from the heat today even though it was cool by Nicaraguan standards. We sat around having fun and discussing all the days events. Thanks for all the prayers and keep them coming. The team In His Service from Nicaragua.

Posted By:The Team

Date and Time Posted: Sunday February 8, 2015 - 10:49:24 pm

Does Darthula want to venture a guess? Is it Mother and Daughter or is it sisters. Inquiring minds of Nicaragua want to know.

Posted By:The Team

Date and Time Posted: Sunday February 8, 2015 - 10:44:37 pm

Posted By:The team

Date and Time Posted: Sunday February 8, 2015 - 10:39:13 pm

Hello Darthula We all arrived safely late Saturday night after a long day of travel. Everybody was tired but glad to be here. Sunday morning we were up early and getting ready to go to Candelaria for Sunday morning services. After church we came back to the team house for lunch. After lunch the team split up and part went shopping to get supplies for the gift bags, some went to the job site to see what materials will be needed tomorrow. Others stayed behind to get over the jet lag. We went back to Candelaria to start the soccer ball missions and gave a few kids a soccer ball and they thought they had won the lottery. Back to the team house just in time to get ready to go to El Viejo for Sunday night services. Randy delivered a stirring message at El Viejo with members coming forward for prayer. They had a great worship team with a lot of stirring worship music. Back to the team house for supper and some team time. Some members are vowing revenge for some members getting ice cream today. We donít know who got the ice cream??? Both worship services today were very spiritual and we are looking forward to see what else the Lord has in store for us this week. Untill tomorrow. The team In His Service

Posted By:The Team

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