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Welcome all!! This is my personal webspot for blogging, complaining, talking, lounging, and generally just getting distracted from everything else. Feel free to browse around. I'll try to keep this updated as best as possible, but no promises. I'd like to try to use this space as a hub for thoughts, ideas, creations, pictures, sharing, and general conversation. I'm planning on housing all of my current Thesis work on here as well. I hope you find it interesting. Feel free to send me your comments in the comments section of our site.

Thursday April 17, 2008

Once again, I've been incredibly busy and not had time to devote to posting any new messages. A lot has happened since my last posting. I'm still working on my thesis... big surprise there right? It's coming along, but slowly. Work, Church, and other school work all have me tied up just about full time at the moment. But I'm currently waiting to have time to implement an ellipse surrounding motion within a sequence of images. An ellipse provides greater functionality and more options for information extraction such as accurate pose, orientation, and perhaps speed realization.

So what else is new? Well, not a whole lot. I'll be leaving on the 26th for my third mission trip to Belize in Central America, Google is still the number one web search, and well, the pope is in America at the moment. Oh and of course the debates are still ongoing. I still say give me McCain or give me death. Of course that's really the least of three evils... I still hope for a day when we will see an honest presidential candidate that really cares about this country and not their own individual concerns. I can't imagine such an America where you have a president such as Clinton or Obama with beliefs that are so un-American. Take away my guns, increase taxes, create benefits for big business... whatever happened to standing up for Americans... without the people of America, America would not be, so why not create real benefits for those people. O'well, maybe one day we'll get a candidate that is worthy of being called American.

On another note, I have had some good times at work - Pranks and such. My most recent exploit was with my fellow prankster Mr. Jake 'the Snake' Mitchell. You can read his most interesting blog at Our most recent 'operation' was slightly modifying an outspoken mountain biking coworker. Needless to say, I underestimated his love for his bike. I didn't realize that possibly placing scratches on a bike that is meant for climbing rocks, going through mud and water, and perhaps even hitting the occasional tree on the technical trails was such a concern. That makes me imagine a football player complaining about a broken finger nail. O'well, I'm not a heavy mountain biker so I suppose I'll never understand that one. But if the bike is that soft, then I suppose the flowering pink tassels are more fitting than I initially imagined.

Well, hopefully in my next posting I'll have more positive notes on my thesis and an actual update about its functionality. So until then, drive fast, take chances, and don't buckle up.... just jokingly of course.

Monday January 21, 2008

WOW! Has it really been that long? I suppose so, man so much has happened since October. A whole new year!! Man, I've gotta get an updated version of my application online. I'll try to do that later today if I have time... yeah right. So I've still got some more functionality that I need to add to my application as well as of course finish the written part. It broke my heart at the end of last year ... I had to re-read what I was typing as I'm just now getting back to finish this post, nearly 3 hours after I paused to help someone out..... anyways, it nearly broke my heart at the end of last year when I discovered that some very recent papers were published that were very similar to my research. I'll try to get some references for you soon as well. Not to worry though, still different enough that I can continue. But it seems that my hypothosis is correct, we can detect falling people with cameras. Now it's up to how to best implement that. But more on that later. Hopefully I'll keep this posting more up to date.

I've also started another blog just recently at so be sure to check that out. Until next time, hopefully sooner than later, keep up all the good work!! later!

Monday October 15, 2007

Once again, I've not posted a message in awhile now. I've been busy with Eastman, thesis work, and home projects. I've updated the site with an early version of my thesis application. It's definately not fool proof and has little comments and little error handling, but for historical purposes I wanted to go ahead and put it on the site. Now for the cool tech stuff of the day, have you heard about Microsoft Surface? If not you've got to check it out. Read more at

Thursday September 13, 2007

Wow my last post was about the Roomba! That was a long time ago! Anyways, well I have been extremely busy at work developing several applications simultaneously for the Enterprise as well as keeping things up at home. School has started back now. I am looking forward to working on my thesis again. I did not get even close to finishing what I wanted to finish over the summer, so I definitely have my hands full this semester. First things first, I need to get a basic edge detector developed. So I am sure I will have fun with that over the next week or so. Hopefully the next post will be a happy post explaining that all went perfectly.... we'll see how that goes. As a follow up for the Roomba, I'm still loving it! A new model is out now, I wonder when I can get another one?!

Friday April 27, 2007

Ok, so yesterday my wife's Roomba Vacuum Robot made by the iRobot Corporation came in I am psyched!! I didn't get out of class until almost 10pm, but when I got home, the robot came out!! I had to play with the thing. Definately cool and big thumbs up!! You should have seen that thing go. Even better, I found a link in the forums this morning at that discusses a computer vision application with Roomba!! Ok, so I'm probably not going to be allowed to break the thing open right away, the boss won't allow that, but give it time and maybe 'in the name of reserach and science' it could happen!!

Thursday March 29, 2007

I've updated the site with a new look. I really just wanted to make it easier for me to work with, so the look is thanks to DreamWeaver. I've still got several items to add including, references, new articles, sites, etc, etc related to my research. So hopefully one day I'll have time to add those on here.

Monday March 26, 2007

Ok, so it really hasn't been since 2006 since I've posted a message on here, but it could look like it. I've been busy as ever with my Thesis work, my work at Eastman, other school work, making personal life and existence a priority, and tons of other stuff.

Anyways, as far as Thesis work goes, or doesn't, it's moving along at a slow pace. I've got a preliminary chapter two complete. Still got some to add to it and plenty of rework to do on it, but it will get there.

Be sure to check out some of the links, some of the stuff is pretty cool and fun to play with.

Friday May 5, 2006

Ok, so I finally did something cool enough to get on Microsoft's website. Check it out here. Ok, so it wasn't for first place, but my name is in there, and besides, third place in the Country!! Yeah I'll take that.
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