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This website and all its content are under the control, management, and creation of and We claim no responsibility for the information obtained from this website or the links contained within this website. This website is meant only to serve as an information exchange point for Microsoft Technologies. Essentially, I wasn't too sure what to put here, so please don't make this difficult on me. Just understand that this is my own personal website for being a Microsoft Student Partner. All of the material posted here and wthin this site is for the most part either general knowledge or information of my own opinion. You are not required to agree, disagree, or otherwise with anything stated on this website. Thank you...


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The demos, presentations, and code on this website are protected under copyright laws. Any distribution without the express written consent of the author of this website and the author of the produced material is illegal unless otherwise noted. Again, I'm not really sure what to put, basically I don't care if you use, look at, or completely change my code or programs that will be available on this site, but please if anything else is posted and it is not stated that you can copy, change, or profit from it -- don't. Thank you...



For any questions regarding these and other policies concerning please contact Jeff at

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